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With all the advancements in today’s technology it has never been easier to get connected. But how many of us really know how broadband internet works and what speed you should be looking for? We have compiled all the basic information you need to get you started to make sure you don’t end up paying too much for your broadband internet.

What is broadband internet? In a nutshell, broadband is a fast and easy way to have a permanent internet connection. Significantly faster than any dial-up-connector, broadband can give you access to a range of different internet services and downloads which are quicker and easier to use/view.

There are different types of broadband you can purchase; ADSL, cable and mobile broadband, which one you will be able to use, will depend on where you live and what is available in your area.

Finding the right ISP (Internet Service Provider) can save you money over the long term but with so many in the market the choice can be difficult. By comparing on one easy to use ISP provider table, you can tailor your search to your requirements and hopefully you can find the broadband deal that is right for you. You can filter your search to:

  • Show the internet provider with the cheapest 1st year cost
  • Compare broadband speed (up to)
  • Show those ISPs with a shorter minimum contract
  • Highlight any internet service provider's download limit
  • Demonstrate any connection fee involved
  • Show the monthly charge for the particular ISP packages (as well as any introductory free months)
  • Compare internet packages with landline and/or digital TV included
  • You can also sort by internet provider and ISP package details if, for example, you have a particular provider or package in mind.


What broadband speed do you require?

As a broadband user, the type of speed you should be looking for is all dependant on your usage. A faster connection speed will cost you more money and if your usage is light, it may not be necessary.

If your usage is light and you typically use the internet for surfing and emails a minimum speed of 1Mb/ps is around the benchmark you should be shopping for along with a 1GB download cap.

If you use the internet for uploading photographs, downloading music and playing online games as well as surfing and emailing. You will want to go for a faster speed and bigger download capacity. A 6GB download cap should be sufficient and a minimum speed of 8Mb/ps.

If you are a heavy user of broadband and use the internet for downloading movies, video clips, multiplayer games online, working online and frequently downloading music, you will need to increase your download capacity to 40 GB, however the speed can remain at 8Mb/ps.

How to compare internet providers?

Here at internet you can compare broadband from a range of internet service providers to bring you competitive deals on the market today that could save you money.

When you compare internet providers you will need to consider the speed you want to have and your download capacity. You will also need to consider whether or not it would be more cost effective and beneficial for you to bundle your broadband with your home phone which could reduce the price you pay when combined.

Once you have found the ISP and the package that suits your needs, you can click through to the ISP's website or in some cases there is a ISP phone number displayed on the grid. Either way, you can then go on to quickly apply and start to enjoy your broadband service with the knowledge that you were able to compare ISPs to ensure you got the right package for your requirements

Before you switch broadband services

Check your current contract and make sure there is no cancellation fee for leaving them early.

Remember that not all the broadband services will be available to you as it depends on where you live and the network availability in your area.