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Let's compare business insurance

Comparing business insurance


As you might have guessed, here at comparethemarket.com we like comparing things, so we want to make it easy to compare every kind of product that you might need to.


Most people have got used to being able to compare prices for things in their home lives, whether it’s car insurance, house insurance, energy prices or phone deals. But if you run a small business it’s not always as easy to compare prices for the things you need, especially business insurance. We didn’t think that was good enough, so that’s why we now have a whole section devoted to comparing the business insurance policies that small companies most commonly need.


There are lots of kinds of business insurance available, and what you need will depend on the kind of work you do.


comparethemarket.com can help you look many of the types of insurance for an SME (small to medium sized enterprise).


Landlord insurance


Something we get a lot of enquiries about is Landlord insurance:  If you rent a property out, your building and its contents probably won’t be covered by normal house insurance because you’re not living there. Having landlord cover in place will protect you should your property be damaged or there is a fire.


Also, if your property has a buy-to-let mortgage your bank or building society might request you to have building insurance. The policy should cover the cost of rebuilding your property if something disastrous were to happen. Sometimes this cover is called 'let building insurance' or 'rental building insurance'.


Think about whether you would need more than just building insurance for your rental property. If you are including furniture and appliances for your tenants, you might choose contents cover too. Tenants might not take such good care of your three piece suite, dining table or carpets as you would.


A useful thing about landlord insurance is that you can include protection against loss of earnings due to an insured event such as fire. You might also want to look for additional cover in case you can’t find a tenant for a period of time.  If you use comparethemarket.com to look at the options you can choose your coverage level including buildings cover, rental income cover, public liability insurance and legal expenses cover. So give it a try - compare landlords’ buildings insurance to understand your options.


If you’re not a landlord but run another kind of business we can still help you.


Public liability insurance


Public liability insurance is something many businesses of all kinds need. It’s there to cover the cost of legal action or compensation claims against your business, if someone is injured or their property gets damaged while they are on your premises. It also protects you when you’re working in someone’s home, their office or business location.


As a business owner you’re expected keep your premises safe and risk-free, but of course accidents do happen sometimes. If a member of the public were to have an accident and be injured on your premises or at an event you’d organised, your public liability policy would cover the costs of any legal action.


So it’s important for tradespeople, shops, pubs, restaurants, contractors and most other kinds of small business.


Professional indemnity and employer’s liability insurance


Another kind of insurance that many small businesses need is professional indemnity insurance. It’s not a legal requirement but you might be asked to have it by other businesses that you are working with. Professional indemnity insurance gives you cover if someone says that your work has caused a problem or you have given them bad advice, and takes legal action against you. Without the insurance, you could face a hefty legal bill. A policy might cost a few hundred pounds a year, or maybe less, and could save you thousands if something goes wrong.


The final area where we can help you compare your options is employers’ liability insurance. If your business employs one or more people you legally have to have this kind of insurance in place. It protects you against the cost of compensation claims if one of your staff gets injured or ill through working for you. If you don’t have this kind of insurance in place you could get a fine of up to £2,500.


Speak to an expert for tailored quotes


Because businesses are all different in their size, purpose and requirements, the best way to assess and quote for your business is for an expert to talk it through. So whether your business is a shop, hotel, office, pub or something completely different, give us your details and an insurance specialist will give you a call. They’ll find you the most competitive prices for the different kinds of cover you might need.


Running a business is fun, scary, challenging, rewarding, worrying, expensive and profitable and most entrepreneurs wouldn’t have it any other way. We know how busy it can be too, so let us help you get the insurance you need quickly and simply. Then you can get on with all the other stuff that you need to do!