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Why compare café insurance with us?

By comparing café insurance with comparethemarket.com you could save by finding policies to protect your café, tea room, coffee shop or snack bar and find the ideal insurance plan for your business. comparethemarket.com can start saving you money instantly!

Café insurance

  • Are you the owner of a café, tea room, coffee shop or snack bar? You’ll know better than anyone that even with the most stern health and safety measures in place, accidents do still happen from time to time and can potentially cause problems for you and your business.


    Café insurance for your business can protect you against damage to your premises or equipment and can cover your café in the event of third party claims being made against you.


    Comparing insurance quotes for your café couldn’t be any easier. Simply fill out a quick form so we can better understand your specific requirements and compare quotes from a panel of leading insurance providers to find the best deal for your business. comparethemarket.com could help you find the ideal insurance policy and save you money.

  • Business insurance

    Find and compare business insurance quotes with comparethemarket.com.

    Commercial property

    If you’re an owner of a commercial property, chances are you’ll need cover for public liability, loss of rent or maybe even internal fixtures and fittings. Use comparethemarket.com to find a great quote and have peace of mind that your commercial property is covered.

    Guest house insurance

    With visitors constantly coming and going, running a bed and breakfast or guest house can be stressful and accidents do happen. With a policy from comparethemarket.com you’ll be covered against a range of events such as an accident or damage. Take a few minutes to find a quote today.

    Hotel insurance

    Running a hotel can be stressful business, but finding a good insurance quote doesn’t need to be. We’ve brought together a range of policies right here, so you can find the right hotel insurance policy with ease and feel safe in the knowledge that your hotel is covered.

    Office insurance

    An office premises can contain a lot of expensive equipment and tools, so we understand you want peace of mind that if the worst should happen, your policy will cover you for damage, accidents and injury. Find the right policy and get your best deal with comparethemarket.com now.

    Pub insurance

    As the landlord of a bar, pub or wine bar, you’ll understand the importance of covering your premises in the unfortunate event of an accident, vandalism, theft or damage. We’ve gathered policies from our providers so you can quickly and easily find a great deal on pub insurance.

    Restaurant insurance

    A hot kitchen, food safety, hustle and bustle – a restaurant can be a stressful and high risk environment. So make sure you’re covered against a range of events, from accidents to damage and liability cover. Take a few minutes to find the restaurant insurance policy that suits you at comparethemarket.com.

    Shop insurance

    Looking to save money on your shop insurance? Whether you own a supermarket, clothing store or newsagent, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered some of the best providers to help you find a great policy, so you can let us do the work and be safe in the knowledge your shop is covered.

    Surgery insurance

    Whether you’re a dentist, doctor or vet, if you run a surgery you can ensure you’re covered against accidents, public liability and third party claims. Let us take the strain while you concentrate on running your business. Search our surgery insurance providers here and find a surgery insurance quote today.