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Simple and straight forward car insurance... Thank you!


So easy to use. Fast and just what I needed. I ended up paying one third what I previously paid and getting more cover!! I have been a fool not checking the website in previous years.


Found some great deals with just what I needed. Would recommend to anyone as so easy to do.

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Why compare car insurance with us?

At comparethemarket.com we provide insurance quotes for a wide range of cars. So whether you drive an Alfa or a Volvo – or most motors in between – take a look at the links below and start your journey to insuring your car. We try to provide car insurance for as many manufacturers as possible. If the car you own isn’t listed here, don’t worry: get in contact with us, tell us how you roll and we’ll see what we can do.

Whether you’re looking for fully comprehensive motor insurance to third party only, we could help you save money - it could be up to £234 (50% of consumers could achieve this saving with comparethemarket.com Motor Insurance)^.

28% of consumers achieved an average saving of £461 with comparethemarket.com Motor Insurance.^

See how much you can save on your car insurance with comparethemarket.com!

Here at comparethemarket.com, we want to make it as quick and easy for you to find a great deal on insuring your vehicle. It’s really easy and only takes a few minutes. You only need to enter your information once into our simple form, just a little information about yourself, your driving history and vehicle itself and you can check quotes from some of the UK’s top providers almost instantly.


We understand getting a renewal on your insurance can be frustrating, but if you want to save money it’s always important to shop around. We can help you reduce the time this takes by making the process as easy as possible and listing your best quotes from our trusted panel of insurers in one place.


So, whether you’re looking to beat your current provider’s renewal quote, or you’re looking to insure a new vehicle, our easy to use comparison service could save you time and help you find a better deal.


Perhaps you’re looking for auto insurance quotes that are more precisely tailored to you, such as young driver cover or insurance for students. Don’t worry, we can help you with that too.


Start now and see how much you could save money on your annual policy.


What is the minimum policy duration for car insurance?


Standard policies last for 1 year, with the option to pay the annual fee up front or as monthly payments.


Once you've found an auto insurance deal that's right for you just pick the provider and simply complete the process.

Car guides

If you have questions, our guide section offers help with everything from policy jargon to how to save money on your car insurance cover.

Car FAQs

Need more information about car insurance? Don't worry, we have a list of car insurance FAQs which may help with your query.

Third party car insurance

Find and compare third party car insurance policies in minutes.

Over 50s car insurance

Get a better deal on your over 50s car insurance by comparing cover across our range of trusted providers for mature drivers.

Students' car insurance

Cheap student car insurance is just one of the things you may need if you’re paying your way through college or university. Luckily we’re here to help!

Car insurance make & model

Look at a whole range of providers to help ensure you get the cheapest car insurance deal possible.

Learner drivers' insurance

Learner drivers’ insurance needs to be tailored to fit the individual – and we can help find the right match from our panel of specialist providers.

Young drivers' insurance

If you are looking for a cheaper young drivers car insurance policy, let us take away the hard work by comparing quotes across a range of providers.

4x4 insurance

Not every car on the road is created equal – and if you own a 4x4 then you’ll know that they can be more expensive to insure. We could help you find a cheap car insurance quote for your 4x4 and a policy which suits your needs – so let comparethemarket.com compare policies for you.