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Why compare fully comprehensive car insurance with us?

Looking for a great fully comprehensive quote for your vehicle? You’re in exactly the right place! With a full comprehensive policy you are covered for more than just damage to other people’s property, but also damage to your own car, whether through an accident on the road, fire or theft.

Information about comparing fully comprehensive car insurance


A comprehensive policy is thought of as the most expensive type of vehicle cover. However this isn’t always the case when you take into account what is protected. Fully comprehensive policies not only cover your liabilities if you injure another person or damage another person's property; it also includes damage to your own car whether it is caused on the road, through fire, theft or even vandalism.


The financial security that fully comprehensive car insurance provides you with the reassurance that you won’t need to fork out that extra expense to cover the damage to your own car in an accident.


Make sure you fully understand exactly what is included under your insurance cover. On our price comparison quote page we recommend that you take a look at the 'more details' section for each of our providers, this supplies you with considerably more information and allows you to see exactly what you are buying before you buy.


The level of cover that you choose will determine what you are covered for, but it is important to check the policy and familiarise yourself with what is and is not covered, as otherwise you could end up taking out an inappropriate level of cover for your needs.
If in the past you've shied away from fully comprehensive insurance because of the cost, then comparethemarket.com could help you. Even if you are looking for third party fire and theft insurance, it could be a good idea to check out comprehensive, as sometimes the price differential is minimal.

Let’s see how much you could save on your fully comprehensive car insurance!

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