Land Rover

Tough and versatile, Land Rovers are known for making light work of even the roughest terrain. For almost 70 years, farmers, explorers and scientists have relied on the Land Rover for its off-road capabilities and lasting performance.

Land Rover is part of the Jaguar Land Rover group, which is UK-based and owned by Indian manufacturer Tata Motors. While the image of the brand is arguably one of freedom and adventure, its origins lie in the restrictions of post-war austerity. Launched in 1948, the first model was made from a lightweight, rustproof alloy of aluminium and magnesium, which gave the vehicle longevity in the most challenging conditions. The material was chosen for its plentiful supply at the time – it had been used in wartime aircraft – whereas steel was scarce immediately after the war. Similarly, a surplus of military-issue cockpit paint dictated the colour of early Land Rovers, which came in various shades of light green.  

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