Land Rover Car Insurance

Off-road terrain, bush experience and extreme sport bring only one name to mind - Land Rover. The sheer exhilaration and ease that comes from exploring uncharted terrain and driving over a harsh, rugged stretch in a Land Rover is what adventurers most love the about this strong, tough and versatile vehicle. 

A distinctive feature of the first Land Rover prototype is the body, constructed of a lightweight rustproof alloy of aluminium and magnesium. This material was used because of post-war steel shortages and a plentiful supply of post-war aircraft aluminium. 

Military surplus supplies of aircraft cockpit paint also dictated the early colour choices - various shades of light green. And aluminium's resistance to corrosion was also the reason the vehicle built up a reputation for longevity in the most difficult of conditions - in fact, Land Rover drivers sometimes refer to other makes of 4x4 as "disposables".  

For over 60 years the Land Rover brand has dominated the off-road experience supplying farmers, conservationists, explorers and scientists with strong, reliable vehicles. The spirit of Land Rover is adventure and the definitive expedition vehicle. 

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