Lexus cars are known for their compelling combination of quality, reliability and value for money. Renowned worldwide for their powerful but quiet engines and comfortable interiors, they’re among the most popular luxury cars globally. Part of the Toyota group, Lexus is Japan’s best-selling luxury car brand.

Back in 1983, Toyota chairman Eiji Toyoda challenged his company to “build the world’s best car”. And so the Lexus LS400 was born. It was famously advertised on TV with a tower of champagne glasses balancing on its bonnet and the engine revving away – at the equivalent of 145mph – underneath. To this day, Lexus consistently performs well in reliability studies, customer satisfaction surveys and luxury car rankings around the world. The manufacturer’s current models include the IS and LS series, top-of-the-range F series, and GS and RX hybrids.

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You can compare quotes by additional cover if you need to. You might want to think about legal protection, which can sometimes be helpful if there’s a dispute following a bump. Or you may be planning to take your Lexus abroad, in which case you should think about additional overseas cover. A UK insurance policy automatically covers you to drive in other EU countries, but on a third-party basis only.

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