Mini Car Insurance

Mr Bean, the much loved eccentric, comic British TV character, gets into his Mini in almost every episode, slowly and happily driving along without any worry in the world.  And the Mini is thought of fondly today, perhaps because it summons up feelings of nostalgia.

The Mini is the most popular car ever produced on British soil. Small and compact, it was produced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and its successors from 1959 until 2000. The original is considered an icon of the 1960s, and its space-saving layout influenced a generation of carmakers. 

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, various editions of the Mini were brought onto the market, which eventually allowed the Mini to become a fashion statement. It was even more popular in Japan, where it was seen as retro-cool. The ERA Mini Turbo was particularly popular with Japanese buyers.

With the Mini being so compact there are obvious economical benefits, the car boasts one of the best fuel consumption levels in its class and also having a smaller engine size means there are numerous car insurance benefits available for your Mini.

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