Mitsubishi Lancer Insurance

Mitsubishi’s contribution to the compact car market is both brilliant and affordable. The Lancer comes with all the extras you would expect and then some, possessing some of the latest safety measures and more than enough space, and it makes a great family sedan.

Mitsubishi focuses on handling, drivability and performance in all its ranges, and the Lancer is no different. It delivers on all fronts and although it may not be an Evolution, the Lancer is a very good car. Previously overlooked because of the Evo, the Lancer is becoming more popular and is beginning to be recognised for its own capabilities.

The Lancer is the “sane” version of the Evolution but the top of the range will still give you 152 hp. It offers bucket loads of space and is quite economic, but the pick of the fleet surely have to be the Evo, it has to be.

The Evolution is exactly that, it is a car that keeps evolving, it continuously gets better and faster and grippier and dare it be said, prettier? It is an astonishing piece of engineering and for around £30 000 it isn’t cheap, but it isn’t ordinary either.

With its 291 bhp engine and one of the best four wheel drive systems in the world (to get all that power onto the road) the Evo is a nimble as it is quick a petrol head’s dream, the Lancer Evo is a simply amazing car and it is a good thing that the normal Lancer is heading in the same direction!

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