What can be said about Porsche that hasn’t been said before? Its cars are renowned for their sophistication, power and speed, and for delivering a pure driving experience. That’s why the German manufacturer’s sports cars, saloons and SUVs are considered status symbols the world over. Yet originally, the company didn’t actually build cars. Founded in 1931, the company initially offered consultancy on the design and development of vehicles. One such assignment was helping to design what became the Volkswagen Beetle. Porsche eventually produced a car of its own – the 365 – just after the Second World War, using several major components from the Beetle.

From these humble beginnings, a motoring legend was born. Now part of the Volkswagen stable, Porsche has experienced huge success over the decades – on the roads and the racetrack. Its standing enjoyed a huge international boost when Hollywood idol James Dean was pictured alongside his 550 Spyder. Its classic models include the Boxster, 911 Carrera, 918 Spyder, 911 GT3, Cayenne, Cayman, Macan and Panamera.

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