Like several car manufacturers, Rover's first vehicle was actually a bicycle. The company that began life as Starley & Sutton Co. created the Rover Safety Bicycle way back in 1885. The bike was considerably more stable than the Penny Farthings that were all the rage at the time, and so set the standard for modern bicycle design. A fledgling attempt at car-making followed the next year with – astonishingly for that era – an electric car. It never made it into full production, however.

The firm’s proper automotive debut came with the launch of the £200 Rover 8 in 1904. It couldn’t have been a very comfortable ride, as it came with no roof, windscreen or rear suspension. The first Land Rover was produced just after the Second World War, then during the 1960s came the Rover 2000, and in 1970 the Range Rover. By the 1970s, Rover was known as British Leyland after a flurry of mergers. Under the Leyland banner, the company produced popular saloons such as the Morris Marina (later called the Ital) and the Austin Allegro. Later decades were not so kind to Rover, and the company went into administration in 2005.

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