Subaru Car Insurance

Think. Feel. Drive.  This campaign is the embodiment of the Subaru car brand which develops innovative products for intelligent drivers. Promoting a pleasurable driving experience, Subaru offers a premium ride that asks the consumer to live and enjoy. 

The beautiful Japanese name Subaru (the name of a cluster in the Taurus constellation) was given to the first passenger car prototype of the brand in 1954, the P-1. It translates to the six-star cluster pictured in the brand's logo, which is coincidentally a symbol of intelligence and idealism.

Interestingly, the parent company of Subaru, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI) was created by the merger of six companies (possibly echoing the idea that only six of the Subaru stars can be seen by the naked eye). 

Subaru has historically been acknowledged as an industry innovator, using some of the most advanced all-wheel drive technologies in the world. In the 60s, it was the first Japanese manufacturer to offer front-wheel drive passenger cars and it was the first to introduce the first four-wheel drive passenger cars in the early 70s. 

In recent years, the sturdy car brand seems to have found its niche by focusing on a few lines of functional, durable, and even sporty designs that couple the four-door car concept with sport utility vehicles. Probably the best known is the Impreza, an iconic vehicle and multiple winner of the World Rally Series.

Meanwhile, another area where Subaru has invested is in environmental initiatives. By going green, with the company aiming to create a niche where consumers are gently being persuaded to enjoy their vehicles, while also bearing in mind environmental impact. 

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