Volvo Car Insurance

When one thinks of the Volvo automobile, terms such as 'beauty' and 'power' often rank secondary to the key features of protection and safety offered by this vehicle. The longstanding reputation of the Volvo as a safety-first vehicle is the brand's number one value.  

However, that does not mean that today's Volvo is a boring, box-like saloon with safety overriding style. On the contrary, the Volvo is a classic vehicle that combines safety with luxury, creating a sought-after product with personality and character. 

Volvo is famous for the application of the in-line 5-cylinder engine to its vehicle line-up since its introduction in the 1993 Volvo 850.  The cars are also well known for reliability, which reflects in the high mileage. In one particular case, the classic 1965 Volvo P1800S had a recorded 2 million mileage run! 

With Volvo being a byword for safety, the brand is a good buy for the cautious customer - with refinement and bags of space wrapped up in a well-priced parcel making it a vehicle well worth investing in for the future. 

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