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Frequently thought questions

Want to know a bit more about health insurance before you get started? We’ve put together the following answers to some questions often thought but rarely asked about health insurance.

Why compare health insurance with comparethemarket.com?

The health of your family is one of, if not the most important things in life. So what if one of you needed urgent or specialist treatment for a health condition? Should you be completely reliant on the NHS or have your own private health insurance?


Private Medical Insurance, also referred to as Private Health Insurance, gives you access to the care you and your family may need whilst avoiding the delays which could be created by waiting lists. It could also help with other restrictions the NHS may have such as access to certain drugs.


But finding the right medical insurance can be pretty confusing. That’s why we make the process of comparing private healthcare as simple as possible.


With a small number of guided questions, we can provide you with an easy-to-understand list of providers.


We offer impartial and independent comparison of policies from some of the UK’s most trusted health insurance companies.


If you need more advice, call our free support phone line. Independent experts will help you find the health cover that’s right for you.

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What do I need to compare health insurance

So you can find the most suitable medical policy, we’ll need general info such as your address, occupation and whether you smoke.


Our easy-to-understand forms keep things simple and we offer guidance on every question.

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What is health insurance, and what different types of policy are there?

Health insurance is designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment for illnesses or injuries.


In most cases, you will pay a monthly premium for your health insurance. When medical treatment is required, the supplier will pay out subject to any excess you choose, up to an agreed cover amount.


There are a number of types of health insurance. Most policies will cover essential treatments, but if you’d prefer to secure specialist therapies and complementary medicines, it is possible to pay for more comprehensive health cover.


It’s worth remembering that certain policies offer to reduce the cost of your cover if you can demonstrate that you lead a healthy lifestyle (e.g. if you go to the gym regularly). Others offer health cash plans, which contribute to your routine healthcare costs. These plans pay out a cash sum when you visit a medical practitioner (such as an optician or dentist).


It is also possible to reduce the cost of your cover by choosing a higher excess. This is the amount you will pay towards the cost of your treatment so make sure you can afford the excess you choose. An excess can apply each year or against each claim so check the options available.

What things should I consider when choosing a policy?

Most healthcare policies also have a tiered pricing level, so for example, access to London hospitals will often be in the highest tier and therefore most expensive. You should therefore consider how far you may be willing to travel for treatment. 


Before buying cover, find out what it will pay out for. If you opt for a very low cost plan, then the chances are it may only pay hospital admission costs, and not out-patient costs. Seeing as only around one in five referrals by GPs leads to hospital admissions, policies which don't cover out-patient costs are likely to be much less usable than those that do.

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