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If you lost everything in your home, would you be covered? Having contents insurance is a must for ensuring that you have peace of mind when you leave your home.

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Why compare contents insurance with us?

At comparethemarket.com we’ll help you find the policy that fits your home and your lifestyle – and we’ll do it with a few simple clicks, so you could save money as you protect your prized possessions. 


Contents insurance typically covers everything in your home which is not the fabric of the building. In other words it deals with your; furniture, electrical products such as your TV, clothing, jewellery etc. – in short, everything which matters most to you. It tends to cover you against theft and damage (for instance by fire), and can also include cover for loss of your possessions too, including high-value items. Within a few minutes you could be saving up to £60.42^ (50% of new consumers could achieve this saving with comparethemarket.com on new buildings and contents insurance.)

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