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High tech vs. low tech: Lighting

We take a look at savvy ways to save money on your lighting. more

High tech vs. low tech: Heating

We compare two methods of heating your home. more

How to win at saving energy this winter

Our top tips for cutting the cost of your winter bills. more

What to do if…you have a break-in at home

Check out our handy guide to dealing with a burglary. more

National switching grid shows clear North/South divide

People living in the North East are the most active at shopping around for the best energy tariffs, doing so almost 40% more than the national average for switching, and saving – on average – £188 a year. more

Building Stronger Neighbourhoods

The residents of Lingard Road take part in first Neighbourhood social experiment to celebrate 50 years of the Neighbourhood Watch. more

The cars are the stars

In so many movies it's the cars that steal the show. So it's time to see how much you know about some of cinema's raciest stars... more

Headlights quiz

Put your knowledge to the test with our 'name the cars' quiz. See if you can identify these cars just by looking at their headlights. more

The Great British Switch

Earlier this year, and the Daily Mirror launched a campaign aimed at shaking up the energy market and putting you back in control of your energy bills. more

Energy Bills Explained: Gas and Electricity

Energy bills are confusing. We've put together a guide that goes through everything you need to know to understand your gas and electricity bills. more

Energy Saving Tips

This interactive graphic below allows you to highlight an impressive twelve ways in which you could save energy and most importantly, money. more

Useful Driving Tips for Winter Months

Britain’s notoriously long winters can make for treacherous driving conditions. Get useful winter driving tips with our informative Winter Woes infographic. more

Pet insurance and the rise of domestic animal obesity

Research from PDSA Vet Care services has shed light on the issue of pet obesity... more

82% of people plan to holiday abroad in 2013, research finds

New research from Travel Weekly has suggested a number of Britons are committed to taking a holiday abroad this year. more

Parking charges rose 14.9% in 2012, IAM says

New figures calculated by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) indicated a 14.9% rise in parking charges... more

Half of Britons shun credit card balance transfers, Nationwide survey suggests


Homeowners advised to make repairs ahead of stormy conditions

Homeowners are advised to make maintenance repairs before wintry and stormy weather sets in. more

Festive Britons warned of seasonal burglaries

Aviva has warned Britons preparing for Christmas of the dangers of festive burglars that may prey on their stocking fillers. more

Mental health remains taboo for 35% of employees, study finds

The stigma associated with mental health in the workplace remains a reality for 35% of employees... more

Death a taboo topic for 30% of Britons

Discussing death is a difficult prospect for almost 30% of Britons according to... more

Pet supply higher than demand, charity says

The UK is now home to an estimated 20 million dogs and cats, indicating that pet supply may outweigh demand. more

Older motorists to overcome age restrictions on car insurance

Older motorists turned down for car cover because an insurer has an upper age limit restriction should be “signposted” to another insurer. more

Coal to play greater role in energy supply, figures show

The role of coal in providing energy to both businesses and homes is expected to grow in the coming years. more

Car insurance market under scrutiny amid unfair costs for motorists

The car insurance market has been referred to the Competition Commission for further scrutiny to determine if its actions are resulting in unfair premium prices. more

Van drivers six times more likely to be nabbed on the phone, research reveals

Van drivers are risking their road safety with new research revealing they are six times more likely to be caught on the phone than car motorists. more

Parents told to start saving now to avoid university debt of £53,400

Parents across England and Wales need to find the best savings account for their needs as soon as possible to help cover the cost of sending their child to university. more