Critical illness – are you covered?

Some things are hard to talk about and it’s all too easy to bury your head in the sand, and critical illness cover is one of them. But, with 70% of UK parents admitting they don’t have any form of critical illness policy, it’s time we started talking... more

Are we covered for our cats?

Quotes for cat insurance accounted for just 20.6% of all pet quotes onsite in the last month, according to our latest research...  more

Has your dog been chipped?

Have you microchipped your dog? Because if you haven’t had your canine companion chipped by the 6th April then you may be breaking the law... more

We want access to our data - do you?

Applying for car insurance means filling in complicated forms. But what if you could access a database that stored all your claims information for you?  more

Looking for a cheaper energy deal?

Even if you don’t follow the news closely, you’ll probably have heard that the oil price has fallen significantly recently. In fact, it has more than halved since the same time in 2014.  more

Telematics policy uptake soars 40% in a year

New research published today by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) shows that the number of live telematics policies has increased by 40% in the last year. We explore why that might be... more

Pampered pets need protection too

Do you pamper your pooch or mollycoddle your moggy? You’re not alone. We’ve discovered that in the UK we spend £10 billion pounds on our dogs and £8 billion on our cats each year... more

Insure yourself for your year out

So your backpack is packed. You’ve got your flights sorted. You’re about to set off to discover the world… But have you thought about your travel insurance?  more

How can you make sure your claim is accepted?

All of us take out insurance to make sure we're covered for any of life's little mishaps. But how can we make sure that our claims are accepted in the event that we ever have to make one? more

Young drivers to pay £1000 for car insurance

The average cost of car insurance for young drivers has now risen to £1000. Our new research shows that the average car insurance premium across all age groups is at its highest since 2012- with those under 25 fairing worst... more

Protect your pooch this New Year

Did you get a new dog for Christmas? If yes, you’re one of many people in the UK who welcomed in a new member of the family over the festive period. We found that over Christmas and New Year in 2014/15 pet insurance... more

Beat the cold with energy savings this winter

As the cold snap is in full swing, many of us have started to think about our energy costs. If you’re turning up the thermostat, you could be worried about the bill that will eventually come through the door. But... more

Top saving tips from the older generation

It would seem that the older generation continue to worry about the younger ones when it comes to money. We asked 2000 over-65s about their concerns for their children and this is what they had to say... more

Don’t let your holiday go downhill

With winter comes the opportunity to take to the slopes and enjoy a snow-topped holiday. We've put together some quick tips to make sure you're covered if you're off skiing this season... more