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Services industry banned from being ageist


It will no longer be acceptable for the services sector to discriminate against consumers on the grounds of age.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport revealed that the new changes to the law were being implemented under the Equality Act 2010.

An example of how this will impact on Britons is that gyms will no longer be able to say no to potential older users on the basis of their age.

However, certain exemptions remain in tact, making it acceptable for car insurance companies to use age when assessing risk in relation to the service they provide.

Pensioners will still be granted free bus passes and the winter fuel allowance, with commercial discounts for older and younger people also permitted.

"Discrimination can affect people at different times of their lives - both old and young people may be treated in a different way simply because of their age," said Minister for Women and Equalities, Helen Grant.

"This sort of prejudice has no place in modern society and it is right that we introduce legislation that will protect people from unfair treatment."

From December 21st, changes to the EU Gender Directive will make it unacceptable for insurers to use gender as a determining factor in policy prices, including motor insurance.