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Let’s compare van insurance

Whether you drive a transit van, crew cab, pickup or a tipper, we know how important your commercial vehicle can be. As long as it's not over 3.5 tonnes, we’re here to help you compare the right van insurance policies.

Even better, 87.5% of the time we’ll find you a van insurance price which is cheaper or the same as going direct.

What are the different types of van insurance?

There are a number of policy types available for van owners. It’s worth considering how you use your van to pick the right policy.


Third party only.  This cover is the minimum required by law. It’ll cover you for any damage you do to other people and their vehicles. However, it won’t cover repairs to your own van, personal medical expenses or theft.


Third party fire and theft. This will offer the same cover as third party with added protection in case of fire or, you guessed it, theft.


Comprehensive. This is the full-monty of van insurance. All of the above, as well as cover for yourself and repairs to your own van in the event of an accident.


Is any extra information useful when comparing van insurance?

The following information can be useful to have to hand when comparing van insurance quotes:


Vehicle details

Make sure you have the make, model and any modifications of your vehicle to hand. If you’re unsure, your V5C document may have this information.


Recent insurance documents

Again, these will contain most of the details required for a quote. Also worth referring to for up to date claims information, as this could influence prices.


Recent convictions details

Being upfront about past convictions, such as speeding penalties, is essential. If you can’t remember, details can be found through the Government’s licence information site.

Can I get a quote for my unusual van?

Whether it’s an ice-cream van or a pick-up truck, as long as it’s not over 3.5 tonnes, you can still get a quote from us. If you’ve modified your van (e.g. bodywork, engines, exhausts etc.) be sure to mention it and we’ll help you find a deal that’s right for you.

Icecream van

What factors could affect the cost of my van insurance?

If you’re looking to get the best possible price on your van insurance, be aware that many things may affect your premium, such as no claims discount, voluntary excess and the type of lock or alarm you use.

What additional cover should I consider alongside standard van insurance?

For full peace of mind, you might want to kit your policy out with some extras. You can compare based on the following extras with us:


Legal cover will take care of some legal costs (for yourself or others) as a result of an accident.


Courtesy vans are temporary vehicles so you can get back on the road if your van is out of action.


Breakdown cover isn’t a legal requirement, but can save a lot of hassle and keep you on the job at hand.


You may also want to consider Public liability, Employers liability and tools insurance, which you will need to contact your insurer about directly.


Public liability will cover you against claims from members of the public who’ve been injured as a result of your actions at work.


Employers liability will cover you for claims of negligence made against you by employees.


Tool insurance will cover the equipment you might keep in your van, against theft.