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Meerkat Meals is coming to you

Members can now use their Meerkat Meals membership to enjoy 50% off Papa John’s and Pizza Hut Delivery. Spend £30 on pizzas, sides, desserts or drinks to get 50% off your pizzas.* See if we’re in your area now for contact-free delivery or collection.​

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Worried about how coronavirus might affect your insurance or household utilities?  

During these uncertain times, we know many of you have questions and concerns about the effects of COVID-19 on your insurance policies and household utilities. To put your mind at ease, we’ve got some additional advice and guidance, to help support you during these confusing times.

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Broadband Speed Test

AutoSergei can check your broadband speed and help you look for a better deal:

  • Check your internet speed and see how fast your broadband connection is
  • Compare your connection speed with other providers in your postcode area
  • Find better, faster broadband deals
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Keep Life Simples

See how AutoSergei can help automate away your life admin.

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You’re about to compare with us

We're best known for offering an independent and impartial comparison on car insurance and home insurance products. As an insurance intermediary we do a whole lot more besides.

We provide a comparison of the price, cover and features of van, motorbiketravelpet and life insurance as well as energy tariffsbroadband and mobile phone packages and financial products such as mortgagescredit cardsloanssavings and current accounts.

We provide clear information so that you can go on to purchase a product that meets your needs.

Rewards beyond comparison*

Make a qualifying purchase through Compare the Market and enjoy more rewards than ever, throughout the whole week. Whatever your plans, there’s something for everyone, with a whole year of Meerkat Meals and Meerkat Movies.

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Keep it simple with the Meerkat app

  • Set up energy savings alerts in the app. Tell us about your energy usage and set your alert preferences.
  • Compare and buy energy on the go.
  • Tap to redeem your 2 for 1 with Meerkat Meals and Meerkat Movies when you buy through us.

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Frequently asked questions

Still have a few things you'd like to clear up? We've put together the following simple answers to questions frequently thought, but rarely asked, about finding deals on insurance, home products and finances.

How do comparison sites make money?

We make money when we find our customers a new deal on their household finances. For example, each time someone buys an insurance product or switches their gas or electricity tariff, having found their new supplier through us, we get paid a fee. This fee does not change the price you pay to the product supplier nor does it affect the way we rank the products - we always order results from lowest to highest for you. Simples

How can I trust the prices you show?

When it comes to our providers, we don't choose favourites. We offer impartial and independent comparison and our results are always ranked by price. Amongst providers that may appear are brands that, like us, belong to the BGL Group, such as Budget, Dial Direct and Beagle Street. Some third party brands also rely on administration and distribution services provided by the BGL Group. These may be displayed but our approach doesn't change, we will always show the lowest price for you first.

Shouldn’t I just buy direct from providers?

We compare the market for you, letting you see prices and features side-by-side. We make it easy for you to compare prices from over 665 providers products**.

**Correct as of May 2020. 

Shouldn’t I try more than one comparison site?

It's only natural to shop around for the best price. We'll remember all your details, so you can retrieve your quotes when you come back. Your time is valuable, so we make it as quick and easy as possible to get it all done with us.

We like savvy shoppers.

You're the ones our business is built for.

But, we also know that everyone values their time as much as their money, so we've made sure every step of our comparison service is as quick and easy to use as possible. Not ready to buy just yet? We'll remember your quotes so they're here when you get back.

Don't just take our word for it, 94.0% of users would recommend Compare the Market to friends or family.^

We reckon if you can get all shopping done under one roof, it'll leave you with more time to get on with the other things you really enjoy doing. (Like going to the movies.)

What’s up with the cinema tickets?

It's our way of saying thanks when you buy. Meerkat Movies gives you 2 for 1 cinema tickets so you can take a friend to the cinema every Tuesday or Wednesday for a whole year.*

We reward each of our customers as our way of saying thanks for buying through us. We think this stuff makes comparison a bit more fun. But you might be wondering, 'well, how much is this costing me?' and the answer to that is pretty simple: absolutely nothing. Like all companies, we put money into our marketing. So we can keep spreading the word to those who haven't used us before. And that's where the cost comes from, our pockets, not yours.

All you need to know about Compare The Market

Find out who we work with and how we make money.

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What are rewards?

We like to reward our customers for buying through us

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Energy savings alerts

You'll never have to overpay for your energy again.

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Making life 'Simples'

Find out more about the benefits of signing into your Compare The Market account.

Benefits of signing in

We put you first

We built our business with you in mind. We’re committed to offering our customers the best service possible whilst also (hopefully) raising a smile. We take your satisfaction seriously - 94.0% of users would recommend Compare the Market to friends or family^

We keep it simple

We know managing your finances isn't something you want to spend ages on, so let us do the hard work for you. We’re constantly improving our service to add the little things that make using Compare The Market as quick and easy as possible, like saving your details to speed up new quotes and letting you set reminders for your renewal dates and MOTs.

We value you

We like to reward our customers - with a Meerkat Meals and Meerkat Movies membership. We do this because we value your custom and hope you'll use us again…and again.*

The right product, for the right price

We know that price is important to you after all, that’s why you’re comparing. But everyone has different needs and so we’ll help you to find the right product for you, whether that’s by letting you filter search results, showing customer ratings and reviews or by ensuring help is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

We’re open and impartial

We only earn when you switch and so, let’s be honest, it’s in our best interests to help you make an informed choice. And because honesty is important to us our search results are unbiased (no favourites here!), we respect your data and we make sure all of our providers meet our strict partner criteria.

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