Compare Cheap Motorbike Breakdown Cover

The essential guide to motorbike breakdown cover

Breaking down is never fun. And while breakdown cover for cars and vans provides peace of mind and the promise of swift help, cars and vans also provide some degree of shelter while you wait. Not so with motorbikes. There are few things more miserable than being stranded in the cold and wet in the middle of nowhere trying to find the nearest garage or get hold of a mechanic to come out to rescue you.

With motorbike breakdown cover, however, it’s a simple case of ringing your provider to send out someone who can repair your bike (or your scooter) there and then, take you to a garage or get you to your destination safely. There are a few types of cover available – you can even get covered for biking around Europe - and we’ve got all the information you need to choose the right one.

Why motorbike breakdown cover can help

Picture the scene… you’ve had a great weekend away motorbiking with some mates, and you’re on the long solo ride home. You’re on a twisty A-road somewhere in the countryside, a couple of hours from your house, when you notice that the bike starts wobbling and your rear tyre feels like jelly. You’ve got a puncture, and it’s getting dark.

You get the bike safely off the road and then, one of two things will happen… 

If you have motorcycle breakdown cover, you’ll pull out your phone, ring your provider and a nice man with a van will come out to help – either by doing a repair, taking you to a garage or helping you to get home. 

If not… you’ll need to ring round to find a local garage to collect you, or hope the Police will find you and provide some help. Whichever you choose you will probably need to pay the garage a fee and then find some way to get back to your house.

Many bikers prefer to avoid the second scenario, so they choose to buy motorbike breakdown cover. There are a number of providers out there and a few different kinds of cover so you can choose the right one for your needs – you just need to find a good way of comparing them all in one place. What you need is a fast and friendly price comparison site, perhaps one that is well known for being confused with meerkats? 

Part of your insurance or a separate policy?

There are a few ways to get this kind of cover. One option is to buy breakdown cover alongside your motorbike insurance policy. It can be included as an optional extra, or as part of the bike insurance quote, depending on your provider. If you opted for cheap bike insurance, it’s less likely to be included. 

But if you didn’t take out motorbike breakdown cover when you bought your bike insurance, it’s pretty easy to buy on its own. Not only can we help you compare motorbike insurance, can also help you explore the options for breakdown cover to find some that is right for you.

The first thing you’ll need to decide is whether you want local, national or European cover – and that depends on how far you usually travel on your bike. If you don’t use it for long journeys, local cover might be enough, but if you’re a hardened tourer that loves to leave the UK on two wheels, European motorcycle breakdown cover could suit you best.

If you do choose cover for Europe, remember to check the details of your policy so you know which countries are covered and the situations that might or might not be included, so that you know what to expect if you’re unlucky enough to find yourself with a broken down bike.

Home start and onward journey cover

Another option is whether you need home start cover. With this policy type you can get a recovery van to come out to your home if your bike won’t start. Some people feel that they can find other ways to manage that situation – they might use their car instead for the day – so decide that they don’t need home start cover. 

Onward journey cover is another option that will come up as part of comparing motorcycle breakdown cover. If you choose this as part of your policy, you could be covered against the costs of temporary accommodation - a hotel room maybe - or hiring a replacement motorcycle to use while your own is being fixed. Not all providers offer these levels of cover, but some do, so check carefully. It could be useful if you’ve taken out European motorcycle breakdown cover and are on an adventure somewhere far from home.

Comparing quotes 

When you compare breakdown cover with you will be presented with a page full of motorcycle quotes. They’ll be arranged in price order, with the cheapest at the top. Remember, we’re completely impartial and we never pick favourites.  Make sure you have a good look at what’s on offer, don’t just choose the cheapest without looking at its features. You’ll want to make sure you choose the right level of cover for you, or you might be left stranded somewhere because you didn’t check the details of the policy.

When you’ve chosen one, just click the button and you’ll go through to the provider’s website to complete your purchase. But, do take a minute to check all the details and that you’re getting everything you need from the breakdown cover. Once it’s done, you’re free to hit the roads without worrying about a breakdown ruining your day.

Not just for motorbikes…

We’ve talked a lot here about motorbikes, but we should point out that the same levels of cover are available for scooters too. And, always remember that when your bike insurance is up for renewal or you need to compare scooter insurance, can show you all the options. So make sure you come to us for all your bike insurance quotes.