Unlimited broadband

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Unlimited broadband deals

Unlimited broadband can offer you the freedom to stream and download TV and movies, download music and apps, and play games online with friends without having to worry about data limits.

Ofcom has worked out that the average UK family uses 190GB a month. But are you an average user and would an unlimited deal benefit you?

Read our guide to help you decide whether you really need an unlimited broadband deal.

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Frequently asked questions

What does unlimited broadband mean?

Whenever you use the internet – whether that’s accessing your email, watching a TV show on BBC iPlayer or streaming a movie on Netflix or Amazon – you’re consuming data. 

If you have an unlimited broadband package, it means that you can use as much data as you like each month without incurring any additional charges.

The alternative is a broadband download allowance which limits the amount of data you can use each month without paying an additional charge.

Do I need unlimited broadband?

If any of the following sound familiar to you, then you might want to consider getting an unlimited broadband deal, as you’d be likely to use up the monthly download allowance you get with a capped or limited deal.

  • You’re a family of internet users – everyone’s online all the time, using various laptops, phones and tablets
  • You stream TV and movies on Netflix or Amazon
  • You like to watch catch-up TV  
  • You download video games and play them online with friends
  • You use a music streaming service such as Spotify
  • You have an internet-connected smart TV

How much data do I use?

We’ve listed a few things you might do online, along with how much data they typically use. If you’re a regular user of data-heavy activities, you’ll probably benefit from unlimited broadband.

Bearing in mind that Sky (12GB-25GB) and BT (15GB, 30GB and 50GB) recently offered limit capped fibre packages, here's a quick guide to see if this would be enough data for your home or whether you would be better off with an unlimited broadband deal.  

Here’s a list of regular online activities and how much data they use

Download a document - 2 MB

Download a song - 4 MB

1hr of web browsing - 10-25 MB

1hr of social media - 20 MB

Stream 1hr of music - 150MB

Stream 1hr SD video - 250-500MB

Download an SD movie - 700MB - 1 GB

Stream 1hr of HD video - 2 GB

Download a HD movie - 4 GB

What’s a fair usage policy?

A package described as unlimited might still have restrictions on how much you’re allowed to download each month before the provider slows down your connection or takes other measures.

These fair usage policies are less common nowadays, and in any case they’re nothing to worry about for most users as the data limits are set very high. However, if you’re a very heavy internet user or you’re paying fibre speeds and don’t expect your speeds to slow down, it’s something to be aware of. 

What’s a limited download broadband deal?

This kind of deal limits the amount of data you can use in a month.

The advantage of this type of deal is that it might work out cheaper if you’re an occasional internet user. But you might face extra charges if you exceed your limit.  

Find out more about data allowances. 

How can I get a good deal on unlimited broadband?

That’s where we can help. Simply use our broadband comparison service, enter your postcode and we’ll show you a choice of deals available in your area. Then all you have to do is decide on the one that suits you best. Get a quote in less than 1 minute.