Café Insurance Quotes

Let's compare cafe insurance

If you own a café you'll know all about the considerations that you need to take into account when running a business that makes its money from food production. Hygiene, first aid, food safety, health and safety – there are so many ways you need to protect your customers and yourself. Whether your café specialises in artisan coffee or builders’ tea, it’ll come as no surprise that you and your business need protecting with a good café insurance policy.

Public liability insurance

Insurance for cafés comes with public liability insurance. This protects you against any claims made by your customers if they were injured because of something that happened on your premises.

You can choose the amount of cover you require. The more you have, the higher your premium but the better protected you will be. Claims can sometimes reach thousands of pounds, so make sure you have the right cover. 

Protecting your building and its contents

It's not just people who need protecting, so make sure your policy includes premises insurance. If the café is a rented building you won't have to insure the building itself, but if you own it outright then you will.  The insurance will cover things like storm damage or fire. You can also opt for contents cover which will usually include equipment, fixtures and fittings.

Keeping the money coming in

The income driven by your café is crucial in keeping your business going. If something went wrong and you weren’t able to trade, the pressure would quickly build as those bills will keep rolling in. Loss of income cover, also called business interruption insurance, would pay your overheads such as rent, wages or increased expenses if something stopped your cafe trading.

Buildings and contents insurance covers the physical bits of your cafe, but business interruption acts as the life support that keeps it going while things are being fixed or replaced.

Employer Liability Insurance

If you're not a sole trader and you have people working for you (or under your instruction), by law you need to have employers’ liability insurance. It covers you if your employees are injured or become ill as a result of working for you.  Once you have a policy in place, you must also make sure that you keep up to date with health and safety at work regulations; otherwise you might not be covered.

Sorting out your insurance is never the most fun element of being your own boss, but it could make a big difference to you one day. So it’s worth spending an hour or two to make sure nothing stops your plans for café excellence!

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