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Digital TV

It’s fair to say we’re living in a golden age of television and streaming services. Our guide will bring you up to speed on digital TV, while helping you to find the right deal for you.

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Frequently asked questions

What is digital TV?

Digital TV is the name for a television that receives a signal in digital format, unlike the earlier television technology that was known as analogue. This lets TV companies broadcast with better sound and a higher definition picture.

Should I get my TV package with broadband and phone?

Getting your TV package complete with broadband and home phone could be a good option to explore. A bundled package typically includes your broadband, along with a phone line. Each deal will be different but this could result in a cheaper monthly price, compared to paying for your broadband, home phone and TV separately (regardless of whether you have a physical landline at your home). As this type of deal typically only comes with one monthly bill, many people find it a more convenient way to pay for their internet, calls and television.

What else should I think about when comparing TV deals?

Before you compare digital TV packages, be very clear on the kind of features you’re looking for. Some of the questions you should ask yourself include:

  • Are there any types of programmes I really want included? Sports, entertainment, movies or documentaries?
  • Do I want Ultra HD (high definition) viewing or HD, which has about four times less resolution?
  • Would I like a deal that comes with the ability to pause, record and rewind shows?
  • Am I after on-demand TV, or TV on-the-go?

Where should I compare digital TV packages?

To find the digital TV package that works for you, it’s best to start by comparing deals from a range of providers.   

Compare deals now.