Compare gas prices

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It's time to compare gas

If you’re looking for the best value gas supplier, we can help you compare deals. 

We offer impartial and independent energy comparison of over 25 gas companies.

All our gas deals are listed by lowest annual saving, making it easy to compare the latest tariffs in the UK.                                                                

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What do I need to begin comparing gas?

It’s useful to have your latest gas bill to hand, but you can still compare without it.

What is the process of switching gas supplier?

Once you’ve found your ideal gas package, the switching process is simple and safe.

First, the supplier will ask you to fill out another short form. After this, your new gas provider will arrange a switching date, and ask for a meter reading to make sure they can work out your bill correctly, they’ll also contact your current supplier to let them know you’re switching.

There is then a two-week ‘cooling off’ period, during which you can change your mind and stop the gas provider switch process.

Don’t worry, a gas switch doesn’t require any building, plumbing or re-wiring. You won’t notice any change, except the price on your gas bill, and you certainly won’t be cut off during the switch.

All in all, for many of the big suppliers, switching gas supplier will take no more than 17 days. However for the smaller ones it can take around 6 weeks.

Are green gas suppliers available?

When comparing gas suppliers with, it is possible to choose from a number of greener options. On the price comparison page, simply check the ‘green’ box under ‘tariff types’ to refine your search.

Greener options can include suppliers with commitments not to obtain gas by fracking, a controversial technique which involves drilling extremely deeply near shoreline gas reserves.

Other suppliers plan to produce their natural gas using innovative renewable processes such as Anaerobic Digesters, which work by breaking down renewables such as plant matter or animal waste and capturing the gases this produces.

Unfortunately, as they are so new, not all green gas suppliers will be available in every area of the country so it’s best to check.