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So, home phones are still a thing?

Yes, of course! Although they may be less popular than mobiles, a home phone is still central to many households. Landlines can offer a reliable reception and decent call quality in areas where some mobile networks can’t.  

What’s more, your smartphone can sync up to your home phone via Bluetooth, meaning you can receive mobile phone calls on your home phone as your mobile charges up. Newer home phone models can have excellent sound quality too.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I buy a home phone package?

We don’t offer standalone home phone deals – so we can’t help you to compare landlines without broadband. Instead, you may want to consider bundling a home phone deal with a broadband or TV package. This tends to be more convenient, as it means you’ll need to manage only one bill.  

Another plus for combining home phone and broadband is that you might be able to pay a cheaper monthly cost, rather than if you paid for the two separately. Read more about how you can also combine broadband, phone and digital TV. It’s worth being aware that, while it’s possible to buy broadband without a landline, you might find your choice of providers to be limited.

Where can I compare home phone deals?

If you use your home phone for calls, check how much local and national calls might cost as part of any new package. Compare deals with us and you can see a range of deals, some of which include free daytime, evening or weekend calls. 

If you’re interested in a combined deal with phone, TV and broadband, you should think carefully about the type of TV package that’ll work for you. The channels you choose will affect the overall cost. Ask yourself what’s important to you. Are you interested in Freeview, Sky Movies, BT Sport, documentaries or music channels? With some deals you can select Ultra HD, or HD (high definition) as well as options that offer you the ability to record and rewind live TV, if that’s important to you. 

You might find that there’s an activation fee, or that you need to pay for a broadband router or other equipment and installation. Compare deals with us and we make it clear what the line rental cost is per month and per year. You might find that some deals include various perks, such as free subscriptions to TV on-demand providers, so choosing the right deal depends very much on what you want and need from a package.

Compare home phone and broadband

Simply tell us your postcode and we can quickly help you compare phone and broadband, or phone, broadband and TV deals. It can take less than 1 minute to get a quote.