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If you’re after a SIM only deal then you’ve come to the right place. Find out what call minutes, text and mobile data allowance you could get by comparing quotes quickly and easily today.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a SIM only deal?

SIM only is now the most popular kind of mobile deal in the UK, accounting for 29% of the mobile phone market, according to digital researchers GfK.  

A SIM only deal means you don’t get a phone included in your contract. You’ll simply pay monthly for an allowance of minutes, texts and data.  

It’s a great solution if you’re happy with your phone, or want to buy yourself a new one, without signing up to a long mobile phone contract.

What are the benefits of SIM only deals?

  • Potential savings – as you’re not paying for a phone you might be able to reduce your monthly payments and increase your call, text and mobile data allowance too.  
  • Keep your existing phone or buy a new one – as you’re just paying for the SIM card, you can keep your phone or buy one outright.  
  • Freedom to change tariff – You can get a 1-24 month contract, so you have the flexibility to change your deal if you want to.
  • Easier credit check – the criteria you have to meet isn’t as comprehensive as a contract deal.

SIM only deals: Is there anything to consider?

  • You’ll need a phone – new phones can be expensive, so you’ll need to factor this in.
  • You could be locked in – you may need to unlock your phone if it’s tied to a network provider that’s different to the one you want to switch to.

Can I get meerkat rewards?

Unfortunately, SIM only deals don’t qualify for toys or MEERKAT MOVIES*. Find out more about Meerkat Rewards.

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