SIM only mobile phones

It's time to compare SIM only deals

What are SIM only deals?

Are you getting to the end of your mobile phone contract, and thinking about whether or not to get a new phone? There's so many new phones out to lure you into a new two year contact, but hang on.

Your current phone might still be in good condition, and you know your way round it really well, so do you really need to discard it? So, what are your options?

  • Take out a new contract with one of the flash new phones we’re talking about, possibly spending more than you are now.
  • Keep going with the same faithful phone, the same contract and just not bother to look for a new deal.
  • Get yourself a pay as you go SIM
  • Or, take out one of the many SIM only contracts

Why get a SIM only contract?

When you take out a phone contract some of what you’re paying every month is contributing towards the 'free' phone that comes with it. A SIM only contract doesn't have to factor this in – you’re just paying for the service. So you might be able to reduce your monthly payments and possibly increase your call, text and data limits as well. Win-win.

What else should you consider?

It may not be all smiles with a SIM only plan. Firstly your phone may be locked to your current provider and you'll either need to stick with them for a SIM only contract or pay to have it unlocked.

Secondly and more obviously you do need to have a phone to benefit from this deal. If you don’t have a phone you could pay up front for a no SIM phone and then take out a SIM only contract. You've usually got the upfront cost of the phone to consider, but if you dislike lengthy contracts then it may be an option to consider. So, phone or no phone? There’s a wide range of SIM only deals out there.

It's so easy to find the right deal for you, just visit our mobile comparison page and see what’s on offer.

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