Compare 50cc Bike Insurance

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Why compare 50cc motorbike insurance with us?

For thousands of bikers and scooter enthusiasts in the UK, riding a motorcycle is a way of life. Whether your 50cc is your dream bike or it’s a stop gap until you pass your full test, you probably love the feeling of freedom you get from life on two wheels.

Of course one of the highlights of having a scooter or motorbike is that you get to buy motorbike insurance! OK, that’s not true. But you do need to have insurance if you want to ride on the road. 

There are lots of different providers out there so it can be tricky to know which policy to choose. That’s why offers motorcycle insurance comparison, to help you find a quote that’s right for you.

Getting your comparison started 

Whether you need to compare motorcycle insurance or get a scooter insurance quote for your 50cc, we can help.

You can see a list of your bike insurance quotes in quickly by completing our quote form. We’ll start by asking you for your name, address and the registration of your bike. If you haven’t bought the bike yet you’ll still need to enter some details to get a quote, so select the type of bike manually using our lists.

Next we’ll ask you for a couple more details – your marital status, employment status and an email address. Then we need to know a little about your riding history – whether you have a full or provisional licence and how long you’ve been riding.

Details about your bike 

Next we’ll ask about your bike (we can fetch quotes for any bike manufactured during or after 1970). Bear in mind that a number of things could help you reduce your premium, such as fitting a security device to your bike,  or parking it in a locked garage.

We’ll ask you for the current market price of your bike or scooter. Be as accurate as possible with this because it could mean your underinsured on your motorbike insurance. Then there are just a few questions about the kind of bike insurance you need, and then you’ll be presented with our motorcycle quotes for you and your 50cc.

Which options do you need? 

They’re listed in price order with the  cheapest bike insurance quotes at the top. The prices listed are the total annual price, but if you prefer to pay monthly these prices can be shown too. The table also shows you at a glance what’s included in the policy. Let’s just talk about the main options shown.

If breakdown cover is included, that means you will be able to call for roadside assistance if you have a puncture or the bike breaks down, where a mechanic will try to fix your bike or take you to the nearest garage. Breakdown cover can sometimes include ‘onward journey’ which will provide you ways of continuing your journey if your bike isn’t repairable after a breakdown, which might be useful if you’re traveling long distances on your bike (check your policy details to see if you have this level of cover).

Motor legal protection could help you if you need to recover uninsured losses following an accident. For example if you are injured and unable to work due to an accident that wasn’t your fault. It could also help if you need to pay legal costs if someone makes a claim against you for an accident you caused.

If you have a few years’ no claims discount, you may want to protect it so that you can still keep the discount in future even if you make a claim.

Another option is personal accident cover. This means you could receive a lump sum if you are injured in an accident. Make sure to check the maximum limit for this cover.

Some people also want to insure their bike helmet and leathers, as these can be expensive to replace. Great if you damage your riding gear as a result of an accident.

Reducing your premium

If the prices are more expensive than you were hoping, there are a few things you could try. First, try a higher voluntary excess in the box at the top of the page, as this should bring each bike insurance quote down. It means that you might get a cheaper policy, but if you do need to claim you will need to pay more at that point. Just make sure you can afford the excess if you need to make a claim.

If that doesn’t work for you, you could look at third party, fire and theft policies. Again you just need to adjust the options in the box at the top of the page. Third party cover can be cheaper than fully comprehensive policies, but remember, these policies only cover the cost of damage to other people and property, not your own bike. This is more appealing if your own bike isn't worth very much, but if the difference between this cover and comprehensive insurance is small, you could get more protection with a comprehensive policy.

Always check the details

Once you’ve chosen the most suitable motorcycle insurance, click ‘Go to provider’ to buy the policy online. Do make sure you understand all the details of the insurance before you buy it so that you have the right cover in place – it’s may not be the most fascinating bit of reading you’ll do this week, but it is important to understand your level of cover and make sure you have everything you need covered.

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