Accident only pet insurance

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Compare accident only pet insurance

Sometimes, it’s hard to reason with your pet – they just don’t see things like we do. And sometimes animal urges are simply too hard to resist – it’s an accident waiting to happen. If your pet pooch or mischievous moggy is one of the 3.9 million cats and dogs with pet insurance, then dealing with accidents should be a walk in the park – because you could be covered for any costly vet treatment. But if your four legged friends don’t have cover – then your wallet may be in for a nasty shock.

What is accident only pet insurance?

It’s pretty much what you’d expect – accident only policies cover the cost of treatment for your pet if it’s been involved in an accident. Fixing your dog’s broken leg could cost between £4,000 and £6,000 depending on where you live, so unless you want to cough up for that yourself – insurance could be the best solution.

How much does it cost?

Accident only policies are typically the least expensive of all types of pet insurance and we’ve found you could insure your dog for an average of just £3.01** a month and if you’re more of a cat person then you’re looking at an average of around £2.94*** per month to cover your furry feline.

Like many other insurance policies, your premium will be based on multiple factors and the age, breed and overall health of your favourite fur ball will all play a part in determining this, which is why it’s important to so you can see who’s got what on offer and for how much.

What should I consider when choosing an accident only policy?

Reading glasses at the ready – because you should always read the small print. Different insurance providers will include different elements in their policies, even if they share the same name. If you decide to go for an accident only policy, then consider these things:

  • It only does what it says on the tin
  • Cost limit
  • Time limit

Why should I compare with

Hunting for insurance is a chore, and chores are no fun at all – so let us do it for you. Just tell us a bit about your cool cat or marvellous mutt and we’ll do the rest; it’s easy, quick and saves you from barking up the wrong tree for hours scouring the internet. And the added bonus? Well, it frees up your time so you can spend more of it with your favourite furry companion…did someone say walkies?

**50% of customers could achieve a premium of up to £3.01 a month for cat accident only insurance based on data in February 18.
***50% of customers could achieve a premium of up to £2.94 a month for dog accident only insurance based on data in February 18.