With a car there’s so much to think about. Road tax? Check. Car insurance? Check. Breakdown cover? Erm? It seems that unfortunately many of you are overlooking this last step. Our latest research has revealed that over 5.5 million UK drivers are without breakdown cover and are therefore leaving themselves in a tricky situation should anything happen to their vehicle. 

Breakdown Britain

An estimated 20 million UK car-owners have broken down in the past; more than 3 million of those without any breakdown cover, which is no fun when you’re not sure how you’re going to get back on the road. Over a third (37%) of those of you who’ve had a breakdown had to find alternative means of rescue to the usual providers, such as contacting local mechanics, calling family and friends or even walking to find help. When asked how many breakdown providers they could name, most respondents cited only three, with the AA being the first to come to mind for 69% of people.

More than one in five (21%) of drivers have had to use their breakdown cover over the past year so it does pay to have the right cover. What’s more, 11% of those who didn’t have breakdown cover admitted to using the policy of someone they were travelling with when they ran into problems. However, it does seem that many of you have learned from past mistakes as 24% of those who have cover signed up following a breakdown.  

Comprehensive cover?

Yet breakdown packages are not always comprehensive and might not give you the cover that you need. Unfortunately many of you have had to pay for extra cover, such as home assistance, to ensure that you get help within a set distance of your home. 17% of drivers who have broken down at home were told that their policy did not cover them in this instance so it really is vital to check the T&Cs before signing up to a policy.

What’s more, we also found that 49% of drivers who have breakdown cover have never switched provider, suggesting many people are paying over the odds for their cover and could find savings elsewhere.

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John Miles

Head of Motor Insurance


"This research indicates serious levels of under insurance for breakdown cover around the UK. Breaking down is always stressful, but even more so if you’re unsure how you’re getting home. Before travelling this bank holiday weekend, drivers would benefit from making sure they’re covered and checking their policy to avoid being left stranded far away or even close to home. Some of those with cover could face the same uncertainty depending on their cover levels. For those with comprehensive breakdown cover the challenge is keeping the cost manageable. Allowing your policy to automatically renew could also mean you are paying too much.”

So if you’re making a trip this bank holiday weekend, why not have a look at your breakdown cover options? It could save you money, and save you worry!

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