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What do you pay for your broadband? We bet the answer isn’t tripping off your tongue. And even if you know how much it costs, are you sure of what it is you’re paying for? Our latest research has found that 59% of internet users have never been informed by their provider that their contract is coming to an end, whilst one third (33%) of customers say that they do not know when their contract expires.

Broadband bills 

The last three years have seen a series of broadband price rises, leading to over 10% of customers, or around 2.5 million broadband users in the UK, having no idea how much they pay for their package. Perhaps more worryingly, 13% said they weren’t sure if their broadband bills had gone up, down or stayed the same over the past three years.

It’s not just confusion around how much your house bills are, we also found that many of you are also unaware of what your connection requirements are, with over half (52%) admitting to not knowing what speed they need. This could mean that potentially over 13 million could be paying for more than they need. In our survey, 40% of customers admitted to having ‘no idea’ of their connection requirements, with only 8% saying they had a ‘very good idea’.

Interestingly though, we also found that 41% of customers consider price their main priority when choosing a package – despite so many being unsure of their bills. Less than a quarter (24%) say that a fast connection is the most important factor meaning it could be time for the UK to start shopping around.

Peter Earl

Peter Earl

Head of Product – Energy & Utilities


“Whilst price is clearly viewed as the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a broadband package, our findings suggest that many customers may not actually have a view on whether what they pay is appropriate. In a price-hike world where the cost of internet packages is often rising, it’s concerning to see that so many customers seem to be in the dark around the conditions of their contract. Not only are many customers unaware of the length of their contract, a significant proportion do not know how much their package costs them or even if they need the connection speed they are paying for. We would always recommend that consumers review their broadband package carefully on an annual basis to ensure they are not overpaying and that their bills have not been hiked without them realising.”

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Findings based on a survey of 1,828 broadband customers conducted by Populus between the 11th and 13th August 2017.

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