Everyone loves a voucher and it’s common for people who switch between broadband, phone and TV packages to be offered a freebie by their supplier as part of their deal.

So what deals are out there and how can you claim yours?

  • BT
  • Sky
  • Plusnet
  • Vodafone
  • EE
  • Virgin Media
  • TalkTalk
  • Post Office

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Once your BT broadband is up and running, you’ll need to visit the relevant website page in order to make your claim. Depending on which reward you’re eligible for, you’ll need to have either your order reference number or a VOL reference number to hand.

Where can I find these order reference numbers?

Once you've ordered a broadband package from BT, you should receive two order confirmation emails. One of these will contain your BT.com order reference, which is 25 characters long and will be a mix of letters and numbers.
Your VOL reference number should be on your bill: it starts 'VOL01' and it is followed by 15 numbers.

  • Cashback:
    Go to www.broadbandbenefits.co.uk/cashback/ and complete the on-screen form. Your cheque should be sent out within 45 days to the address where your package is installed, in the name of the account holder.

  • BT Reward Card:
    Sign in to your BT account at BT’s dedicated page for claiming BT Rewards Cards and submit your claim. Wait for your BT Reward Card to arrive, which should be posted to you within 30 days.

  • Amazon.co.uk Gift Card or iTunes Vouchers:
    Head to the BT Make A Claim website, log in with your BT identity and enter your details. Allow 45 days for your cashback or voucher to arrive. It will be sent to the address where your package is installed, in the name of the account holder.

  • John Lewis Vouchers, Next Vouchers, Boots or JD Sports Vouchers:
    Go to https://broadbandbenefits.co.uk/btbroad/ and enter your details in the claim form. Once your service has been activated, you should allow 45 days to get the voucher.


Pre-paid Mastercard, M&S Voucher, Amazon.co.uk Gift Card, Samsung TV, LG TV, Galaxy Tab Tablet, Xbox One S or Lenovo Laptop:

The process for claiming Sky offers is consistent across their products. After ordering a new package online, you’ll get confirmation of your purchase via email along with your new Sky ID – you need this to be able to log in online and make your claim once your Sky service has been activated.

Claims must be made within 90 days of activation, so it’s best to do it as soon as your service is live by heading to www.sky.com/claim. Sky states that its tablets will be sent out up to 28 days after you put in your claim, while TVs or laptops can be sent up to 90 days after you claim.


With Plusnet it’s very simple: once your connection is active, you’ll receive an email within 10 days telling you how to claim your voucher.

  • Amazon.co.uk Gift Card:
    Plusnet will email you a link that remains valid for two months. Complete the onscreen form until you reach their confirmation screen. This screen will show you your Amazon.co.uk Gift Card code, which you can start using straight away.

  • Cashback:
    Plusnet will email you a link to their cashback claim page, which will be valid for two months. Your cheque should arrive at the address where your package is installed, in the name of the account holder, within 30 days of you completing their form.


  • Free gifts/reward cards:
    You can register for your free gift or reward card once your Vodafone broadband service is up and running, and the offer website is active. To do so, you’ll need to register online.


  • Amazon Vouchers, EE Cashback or Free Norton Security Software:
    These are just some of the goodies available to EE Reward Card holders. Find out more about these or previous EE packages or read their FAQs.

Virgin Media

  • Netflix:
    If you already have the standard Netflix membership, you’ll get six months included with your deal. If you have a premium plan, the price of the standard plan (£7.99 a month) will be deducted from your monthly subscription for six months, meaning you’ll only have to pay the difference. You’ll be emailed a voucher code with full instructions within five days of your services being installed and these can be redeemed through the Netflix website


  • Love2shop Voucher:
    These will automatically be sent to your home address, up to 28 days after your broadband service is activated. The vouchers can be spent in lots of high-street stores, as well as restaurants and major attractions. See the full list

Post Office

  • Amazon.co.uk Gift Card:
    When you click-through to buy your product, you’ll be asked for your email address on the Post Office’s website. Once you’ve completed your purchase, details of how to receive your gift should be sent to you via email within 90 days.

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