The cost of your mobile, phone or broadband deal just increased (again) and you’ve had enough. But to escape the hefty price rise, you need to pay an exit fee in order to leave your contract early. It’s unfair, right? Well, the good news is that communications regulator, Ofcom, has put a stop to all of that nonsense.

To make life a little bit fairer for consumers, Ofcom have set out some guidelines. They say that if a provider wants to increase monthly subscription prices, then it should give customers at least one months’ notice. If anyone wants to leave during this time, then they can do so – penalty free. The guidelines apply to all landline, mobile phone and broadband packages.

It’s certainly a welcome change and broadband customers in particular will find Ofcom’s recommendations beneficial. Homes across the country have been hit by a spate of broadband increases in the last few months, with BT being the most recent provider to raise their prices.

Around 10 million BT customers will be affected from the beginning of April as the cost of calls, TV and broadband subscriptions increase. But BT aren’t the only ones and several internet and TV providers have already gone down the price rise route.

Sky led the way back in June 2016 with some Sky TV customers seeing their bills rise by £72 a year; Sky have also announced that phone call costs will increase in 2017. Plusnet and TalkTalk followed in Autumn 2016 with increases of their own. Whilst Virgin Media customers suffered a double whammy with prices rising first in November 2016 and again in February 2017.

So, if you’re fed up with rising bills and not getting any more for your money, then do something about it – you have 30 days from the day you receive official notice of a price rise to switch. You can find value for money on your home phone, mobile, TV or broadband package right here – just tell us what you need and we’ll show you your deals so you can compare the market.

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