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Watching football at home could be cheaper (and more fun) than the pub

A fully stocked bar, the big screen, pork scratchings on tap – sure, watching the football at your local pub has its perks, but catching a big game at home is pretty hard to beat. Why? Apart from the fact that you can watch the game in your slippers, broadband providers offer some great-value package deals for broadband and TV, and the start of the football season is the perfect time to look for a new deal. 

Let’s do the maths

If, over the course of a month, five friends go out each week and watch a game in a pub, and each friend buys a round of beer over the course of the afternoon or evening, it could cost them £69.20 each (the national average cost of a pint is £3.46 but, in larger cities, the average pint could set you back up to £3.92). That means you could be spending far more in a MONTH watching matches in a pub than you would in a YEAR enjoying games in the comfort of your own home with a broadband subscription.

Tempted? Here are eight more reasons why watching the footie at home beats a trip to the pub every time, as told by the experts themselves – the fans.

Pub vs home and the effects on money

The all-important pundits

One major difference between watching the footie in a busy pub and at home is the ability to hear the commentary and the after-game analysis. ‘I prefer watching football from the comfort of my sofa because I like to hear what the pundits have to say before kick-off, at half time and after the game finishes,’ says Jordan Matthews, a 28-year-old Manchester United fan. ‘Going over the key moments from different angles with ex-pros shines a different perspective on a game.’

Pub vs home and the pundits

Cheaper food and drink

Planning a long afternoon of football? You’ll need food – and a batch of supermarket-bought pizzas always works out far cheaper than eating at the pub. The same goes for snacks – you can save by buying multi-packs of crisps and nuts. ‘Nowadays, pubs are capitalising on the fact that people watch the game together,’ says Joe Lawson, a 32-year-old Tottenham Hotspur fan. ‘We always watch the game round one of the boys’ houses instead – it’s cheaper than buying a round each and we take it in turns to get the food in. Plus, there’s no way you’re going to get in trouble with opposing fans for cheering your side too loudly!’

Pub vs home and the snacks

No queues

‘Queues at the pub are the worst,’ says Emily Brancher, 29, a Manchester City fan. ‘Getting in and out of the beer garden after a half-time break; queuing for the ladies’ loos. And the queues at the bar are a nightmare! I don’t want to spend half the game waiting to be served, only to miss a goal.’ Plus, if you’re watching at home the TV is yours, which means the remote is too. You’re in charge of pausing, rewinding and fast-forwarding at your leisure. So there’s no need to worry about missing that penalty when you just have to go… 


Sometimes, unlucky football fate results in the two games you want to watch being broadcast at the same time, and that’s when the art of channel-hopping really comes into play. ‘Channel-hopping is basically the only way I can live with a Liverpool fan when two match days clash,’ says Lauren Bravo, 28, a Brighton & Hove Albion fan. ‘My boyfriend and I have an agreement to share the remote, and when one of us is watching the match we want to, it’s the other’s turn to refill the crisp bowl.’ Can you flick between games at the pub? Not unless you want a room full of angry footie fans on your back...

Pub vs home and changing channel

The company

Andy Hamilton, a 57-year-old Arsenal fan, says he loves the buzz of a pub crowd – until it drowns out the commentary. ‘At least when you’re watching the football at home, you can control the volume. The over-dramatic goal celebrations can be annoying too. Someone always ends up knocking over a pint.’ 

Pub vs home and the company

A comfy seat

Another perk of watching the game at home means you don’t have to arrive at the pub an hour early just to get a seat (spending even more money on an extra pint as you wait for the game to start). ‘My local never has enough tables or chairs, so I end up having to leave a tactical jumper over a stool and hope no one steals it when I run to the loo,’ says Holly Emeny, a 24-year-old Reading fan. Besides, you can’t beat putting your feet up on the sofa at home, can you? 

Pub vs home and the comfortable seat

The view

‘There’s nothing worse than finally managing to get a table with your mates, sitting down with a round and realising you can’t see the screen because someone’s head is in the way,’ explains Matthew Gale, 30, a Spurs fan. ‘Football fans don’t sit still either, so you end up dancing around in your seat for the entire game, trying not to miss a goal. Nightmare.’

The journey home

And finally, let’s not forget the dreaded journey home – bumping into the other team’s fans and realising you’ve spent all your change for the bus. ‘My worst experience watching the football at a pub was during a big Chelsea game,’ explains George Alleston, 26, and – you guessed it – a Chelsea fan. ‘I had a pint spilled down my back, I lost my bag, then went outside during halftime only to find I wasn’t allowed back in because the bar was too busy. To top it all off, it was the day before payday and I’d spent the last of my money on beer, so I had to walk two hours to get home. Oh, and Chelsea lost. Football fail.’ 

Have we convinced you to give the pub a miss?

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