Should I combine my broadband, phone and TV packages?

Want to combine your broadband, home phone and TV into a single deal? We can make it easy. Here are the pros and cons of these bundled deals.

Want to combine your broadband, home phone and TV into a single deal? We can make it easy. Here are the pros and cons of these bundled deals.

Holly Cox
Head of Digital
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Posted 7 JANUARY 2020

What are the advantages of broadband, TV and phone deals?

Getting a combination of services from one provider offers a couple of benefits:

  • You may save money by agreeing a new single contract. There's room for individual negotiation on deals so don't be afraid to ask.
  • Combining three services makes them a lot easier to deal with – one supplier, one contract, one bill and one regular payment.

What are the disadvantages of packaged broadband deals?

There are possible downsides of getting broadband, phone and TV from one provider.

  • It might not be cheaper: get your existing bills and work out exactly what you're paying now and what you'll pay all together.
  • You may end up buying something you don't really need, like TV channels you don't watch or daytime calls when you're at work.
  • You may miss out on upgrades from your existing suppliers.

What else do I need to think about when looking at broadband, phone and TV packages?

The best bit of advice we can offer is to carefully consider what you need. By this we mean, if you need unlimited broadband don't look at deals with a data allowance. And if you don't like sport, don't be swayed by a provider who throws in all 10 sports channels.

Before you switch, you'll need to check with all three providers to see whether there are penalties for breaking existing contracts. You might need to wait until it makes economic sense to break a contract or simply wait until they expire.

How can we help you compare broadband, phone and TV deals?

Simply use our comparison service to help you through the process. Just tell us your postcode and the services that you're thinking about combining.

Here's what you can do next:

  • When you select 'next' you'll see all the options available to you
  • We'll then show you what you'll pay monthly
  • Select '1st year' box: We recommend that you choose this filter as it includes extra costs like installation fees.
  • Broadband: You can select to see more details on speed and levels of monthly usage
  • Home phone: There's a selection of different phone packages to choose from if you happen to be looking for a certain one
  • TV: You add the type of entertainment you like or even which channels you want, and we can make sure they're included in your quotes

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