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Should I combine my broadband, phone and TV packages?

Did you know it was possible to combine your broadband, home phone and TV packages? Well it certainly is, and it is very easy to do with our broadband, phone and TV comparison service.

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Why would you want to do that?

Savvy customers might be able to save money by agreeing a new single contract for these services. Often there is some room for individual negotiation on deals too, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Also for some people, life is complicated enough. Combining three services that may well be with three different suppliers might make the admin a lot easier to deal with:

  • One supplier to deal with
  • One contract
  • One bill
  • One regular payment
Should I combine my broadband, phone and TV packages?

Okay, sounds sensible, any downsides?

The risk when pooling services like this is that you may end up buying something you didn’t really want in the first place.

You’ll need to stay disciplined when looking at bundles. If you don’t watch all those TV channels, do you really want to be buying them? Do you want to sign up for free daytime calls if everyone is at work all day? Do you need superfast unlimited broadband when you only check your emails occasionally?

You get the picture. Make sure you understand what you’re signing up for and make sure you’re really going to use it.

With all three individual services there can be penalties for breaking existing contracts. That means you might need to wait until it makes economic sense to break a contract or simply wait until they expire. Of course, if you’re renewing with an existing supplier, they’re likely to be only too happy to upgrade you.

It’s possible that you think making the changes is just too difficult. There are so many options with each service that you might simply not fancy the challenge of bundling them together. That’s where we can help.

How we help

Before we talk about what we can do, you need to do a little preparation first. Find the last bills for the services that you want to bundle up. Make sure you understand what you pay today. That way, you’ll know for sure whether you’re actually going to be saving any money.

Now use our comparison service and we’ll help you through the process. Simply enter your postcode and click on the services that you’re thinking about combining.

When you click ‘next’ you’ll see all the options available to you.

Some people want to understand what they’d pay monthly so we show that number. We also recommend that you click on the “1st year” box, this will show you the total you’ll pay over 12 months. This also takes into account any extra costs like installation fees for example.

You can click to add more detail to your required broadband service whether it be speed or the levels of monthly usage. There’s a selection of different phone call packages to choose from if you happen to be looking for a certain one. On the TV side of things, you can tell us which type of content you like or even which channels you want, and we can make sure they are included.

Our clever filters will take all of this information into account and only present you with the deals that meet your criteria.

Want more detail on a deal? No problem, just click on ‘more details’ alongside any of the deals and you’ll be able to find out more.

We like making things simple so hopefully you’ll like what you see. If you do get stuck we’re also waiting to help you on the end of the phone. Just call our experts, 8am - 9pm Monday to Sunday, on 0800 276 1180.

See what you could save by bundling your broadband, phone and TV packages today with our comparison service.

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