Unlimited Broadband

Are you one of those people who can’t think of anything worse than being half way through streaming your favourite movie when your broadband speed suddenly drops to a crawl?

With some broadband packages you have a monthly download limit, if you use it up you might find your speed chopped. If that’s not an option for you then one of the best ways to avoid this is to choose an unlimited broadband package.


Do you need unlimited broadband?

Everything that you do online consumes data. You check your email, browse your accounts on social media, watch a couple of video clips, stream your favourite music tracks, you’re eating up that data.

For occasional internet users, a monthly allowance may not be an issue but if any of the following sound familiar, you might want to consider getting an unlimited broadband deal:

  • You’re a family of browsers, everyone’s online, using various devices
  • You live in a shared house and everyone uses the internet
  • You like to watch catch up TV programmes such as BBC iPlayer or digital TV like Netflix
  • You download video games and play them online with friends
  • You stream your music from an online service provider
  • You stream movies 
  • Your TV is an internet connected smart TV

If one or more of these ring a bell, you could well burn through any monthly allowance. With unlimited broadband you can watch, play, and surf as much as you like.

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What happens if I use up a monthly data allowance?

If you do have a capped data deal and you use your monthly allowance, the world won’t end! Just bear in mind that if you go through your usage limit the provider may reduce your speed to a crawl, making it hard to carry out a number of activities.

Is unlimited broadband really unlimited?

When it comes to an unlimited broadband deal, there are still a few things to watch out for.

Some providers undertake what is known as traffic management. This involves the provider managing the speeds on its network. If everyone in your area hits their browsers at the same time, speeds might plummet as the network gets congested.

To get around this problem, the provider might reduce the speeds on certain activities, for example file sharing, to maintain speeds on other services such as streaming.

Some providers also put a fair usage policy in place. This usually dictates when they will use traffic management but it also contains some other potential restrictions. It may set out how much you’re allowed to download each month, even on an unlimited broadband deal, before the provider slows down your connection or possibly takes other measures.

For most users this shouldn’t be anything to worry about as the limits are usually set very high. However, if you’re a serious data user it might be something to be aware of.

There are truly unlimited broadband deals available, just be sure to check the small print. Such deals have no usage caps and don’t practice any traffic management.

Remember, it doesn’t mean that your speed won’t slow if there are lots of people online however. It just means that your provider won’t be intervening. With fibre optic broadband this is less of an issue than those operating on standard broadband.

Okay, sounds like a no-brainer – why wouldn’t I get an unlimited deal?

Well, in theory at least, an unlimited broadband deal costs more than one that has a capped monthly usage level.

We say in theory because at the moment the broadband market is a very competitive place. Providers are increasingly offering very competitive unlimited broadband deals for you to choose from so it’s worth shopping around to see what sort of offer you can take advantage of.


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Just about every broadband provider now offers an unlimited broadband package, so you should have plenty of choice.

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