WiFi ‘notspots’ affect a third of UK homes

One in three households can’t get internet in every room, new survey shows.

Written by
Sajni Shah
Utilities comparison expert
26 NOVEMBER 2019
2 min read
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A third (33%) of UK homes have areas with WiFi signal blackspots, according to a new survey by broadband provider Zen Internet.

The research shows that more than a quarter of people asked (26%) avoid some rooms in their home when they want to use the internet due to connectivity issues.

While 18% of respondents have moved the router to try to get a better signal, 15% have bought a WiFi signal extender in an attempt to improve the signal in ‘notspots’ and boost connectivity in their homes.

Causes of poor connectivity

Opinion is split on where the blame for poor connectivity lies. While 21% of people who took part in the research think it’s because of multiple devices being used at the same time, 22% say their internet provider is at fault.

Paul Stobart, chief executive of Zen Internet said: "With WiFi connectivity throughout the home now an expected requirement for modern-day living, it's unacceptable that families are still struggling to connect to their WiFi in whatever room they want.

"It's the responsibility of the broadband industry to ensure consumers have the best service possible and this includes providing the tools to deliver this."

The report comes in the wake of connectivity promises made by both major parties in the run-up to the UK General Election.

The Labour Party plans to offer free, full fibre broadband to all homes and businesses by 2030, while the Conservative Party is committing £5 billion to providing broadband in remote areas.