Published: 02/07/2021
  • Households could reduce broadband bills by 38% if they switch supplier when moving home
  • More than 700,000 set to move home in the next few weeks before the stamp duty deadline
  • But movers should watch out for penalties for cancelling a contract early, including paying for the remaining months of broadband and line rental
  • Households need to give at least two weeks’ notice to their broadband provider when moving – but some suppliers need six weeks

2nd July 2021 – New figures from show households could save over £100 by switching broadband supplier when moving home. There are currently more than 700,000 properties changing hands, according to Rightmove, ahead of the stamp duty deadline on 30th June.

If a broadband contract is about to end, movers could switch to a better deal to save money and have the right speed for their needs. Research from reveals that the average household currently spends £356 per year on broadband. However, by switching to one of the cheapest deals available, households could cut the cost of broadband to about £221 per year – a £135 saving.

However, if households are only part-way through a broadband contract, it could make sense to stick with a provider if possible, and move the existing contract to the new address. Ending a contract early can result in cancellation penalties, including paying for the remaining months of broadband and line rental left on the contract.

Research shows that 44% of UK households switch provider rarely, and a fifth (21%) have never switched. For those outside of their contract’s minimum term- usually between 12-24 months - it is a good idea to see what deals are available in your area and whether you can get a cheaper deal with a broadband speed that works for your household. has a broadband speed checker tool which shows how your connection compares to what different providers offer in your area. This tool is also available on Rightmove for those who are house hunting to see the broadband speed available for properties on the site.

Give providers plenty of notice before moving as there could be delays

With so many planning to move home, there is likely to be a surge in demand for broadband switching. Typically, it takes about two weeks to switch providers, although it might be longer if you need any installation or engineering work done. If an engineer is needed, there may be further delays as some providers are still prioritising essential works and minimising the amount of in-home work engineers need to do, to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

When moving, households need to let their broadband provider know at least two weeks in advance. However, BT and Virgin Media both need six weeks’ notice of a move. Most broadband providers will let you move your existing package to your new home free of charge, as long as they offer the same service in your new area. Home movers can use’s broadband availability tool to check their new postcode and see what deals are available.

If home movers find themselves stuck without broadband during a switch, they may wish to consider connecting their laptops to their mobile phone’s data to get online. BT customers can also login into nearby BT Wi-Fi hotspots for no additional charge. There are five million BT hotspots around the UK.

Sajni Shah, utilities comparison expert at, said:

“The surge in the number of people moving house over the next few weeks may mean the process could be even more stressful and expensive than usual. However, it can also be a good opportunity to sort household bills and save money to offset some of the moving costs. With broadband, it is possible to save more than £100 if you switch to the cheapest supplier when your contract ends and can also be a chance to upgrade the speed of your package.

“Many will be concerned about any delays when switching broadband, as a good internet connection is essential if you are working from home. As so many people are set to move, it is a good idea to let your broadband supplier know as soon as possible to try to minimise any delays. It is also useful to check if your current broadband tariff is available in your new home, otherwise you may have to pay a hefty fee to cancel your contract.”


Cost of moving and notice periods for the UK’s most popular broadband providers


Notice period

What to do

Cost of moving

New contract needed?


6 weeks

Use the portal

Free (unless a new line needs to be installed)

Only if you're in the last 3 months of your contract


2 weeks

Use the portal

Free. There will be fees for any installation


Virgin Media

6 weeks

Call customer services

Admin charge



3 weeks

Call customer services

Free with new contract



2 weeks

Use the portal



Top five cheapest broadband tariffs – average monthly cost

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