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The top heart-racing games ranked

Whether Fortnite’s your forte, or you’re more of a FIFA fanatic, you’re likely to have spent more time playing video games during the lockdown. 
But which games are most likely to make your heart race? To discover the answer, we got 10 people to play 15 games over two weeks, and measured their average BPM (Beats Per Minute) on a regular day and their average BPM when playing each game, to see which one raised heart rates the highest. The results might surprise you. 

The Last of Us is officially the most heart-racing video game 

Post-apocalyptic game The Last of Us raised heart rates the highest, up to 90.9 BPM – a 49% increase on average beats. This was closely followed by Call of Duty: Warzone, with a 42% increase, and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with a 34% increase.   
Interestingly, FIFA 21 – the best-selling game in the UK, with 2.18 million sales in 2020 – only placed fifth on the list, with a 33% increase in BPM.  

Did you know…?  
Gaming has become more popular over the lockdown. It’s also been a way to connect with friends and family – in fact, time spent gaming during the pandemic increased by 29%

Top tips for increasing your broadband speed 

The most annoying thing when playing a video game (apart from losing, of course) is when your broadband is being super slow. For the best possible gaming experience, follow these top tips to keep your broadband nice and speedy. 

Password protect your broadband 
If you haven’t secured your broadband, anyone could be using it. And the more people that are connecting to it, the slower your broadband becomes (not to mention posing some serious online security risks). Set up your broadband with a secure password so only your household can use it. 

Choose wired over wireless 
If you’re struggling with your broadband speed, connect your gaming device to your router with an ethernet cable. You should get a more reliable connection than if you were using WiFi. 

Check your other electrical devices 
Did you know that some electrical items like stereos, fairy lights, halogen lamps and computer speakers can affect your router? If you’re experiencing slow broadband speeds, move your router away from these devices, and see if it speeds up. 
Video games are a great way to enjoy some escapism, but there’s no denying that some of them can be more heart-racing than others. Did your favourite video game make the list? 

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We got 10 gamers to play 15 different games for 60 minutes over two weeks (30 minutes per game for each week, totalling 15 hours per person). We recorded each participant’s average BPM on a regular day, and then their average BPM while playing each game, to see how much it increased. We also asked them to supply on average, where their BPM peaked most while gaming. 
To choose the games, we used these sources:,and%201.1%20million%20units%20respectively