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Unlimited broadband deals do what they say on the tin. They allow you to use as much internet data as you like, without worrying about being charged extra by your service provider.


That means you can browse the internet, use email, tweet, shop online, update Facebook, stream and download music and video, and make video calls... all to your heart’s content.


So what do you need to consider if you’re thinking about unlimited broadband? Here’s our guide to what you need to know.


Who should go for an unlimited broadband package?


The unlimited option can be a great solution for many people, especially larger households and heavy internet users. But they’re not necessarily for everyone.


If you tend to just browse websites and check your email, you might be able to save some money by choosing a deal with a monthly data limit. But remember that if you go over your allowance, your bill could soon start to mount up.


At the end of the day, you’ll need to research the options, compare packages, do your sums, and decide for yourself whether you should ‘go unlimited’. And of course, you should always make sure you choose a package you can afford. But as a general rule, unlimited broadband can be better suited to the following situations. 


Large families

If lots of people want to use the internet in the same household, then an unlimited broadband package could be ideal.  


Heavy internet users

Perhaps you work from home, or spend a lot of your spare time on the internet. If so, then opting for an uncapped package could work out to be better value for you.


Streaming videos

This can use up large amounts of data, so unlimited broadband could be ideal. You might also want to think about a faster connection for this sort of online activity – there’s more on the different types of broadband below. 


Downloading music

Again, unlimited broadband with a faster connection is probably your best bet if you like to download a lot of music.


Online gaming

Playing video games online is another data-heavy pastime – and another reason to think about unlimited broadband, as well as a fast connection if you can get one.



What are the different types of broadband?


We keep saying you might need a fast internet connection to go with your unlimited broadband. But you may well be asking: what’s a fast connection? So let’s take a look at the three main types of broadband available to homes in the UK.



The standard broadband connection is ADSL, which uses the traditional copper wires of your telephone line to send internet data to your home. It’s the most widely available option – but it’s also the slowest connection type.


Fibre optic

These are strong plastic or glass cables which are installed underground. Fibre optic broadband can be very fast, but it’s not yet available to homes all over the UK.



Fibre optic and coaxial cables are combined to deliver this type of home broadband service. Like fibre optic broadband, cable is faster than ADSL, but it’s not as widely available throughout the country.


To find how fast your current internet service is, you can do a broadband speed check online. You can also find out whether a fast connection is available where you live, by comparing packages with comparethemarket.com.



What unlimited broadband deals can I choose from?


There are plenty of packages out there that offer broadband without data caps.

Here are some of the most common options:


Broadband only

If you don’t use a landline much (or at all), and aren’t interested in paying for digital TV channels, then a broadband only deal with unlimited broadband could be ideal.


Broadband and phone

Broadband and phone deals give you one easy payment for both your internet and landline telephone service. And there are many phone and internet packages with unlimited data usage. To decide whether that’s the right route for you, you’ll need to think carefully about how much you’ll use both services.


Broadband and TV

Pretty much all of the main providers offer broadband and TV packages, including options with unlimited broadband. And you’ll find that there’s a lot of flexibility with TV packages, so you only need to pay for what you want to watch.


Broadband, phone and TV


Choosing a broadband, phone and TV bundle can be quite cost-effective, as you’re buying everything from one supplier. Unlimited broadband options are readily available with this sort of package.



How do I find the best unlimited broadband service for me?


The best way to find the most suitable unlimited broadband option for you is to run a search with comparethemarket.com.


Just click the green button above to compare broadband packages that offer unlimited broadband. We can search the market for you to help you find your ideal combination of unlimited broadband, phone and/or TV. Pick and choose from the available options, and we’ll list out the unlimited broadband deals available in your area, all in one place.


Try comparethemarket.com today, and see how much you could save on an unlimited broadband package.