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If you run or manage a courier business, you know that attention to detail is critical. Your customers expect their items to be where you committed they would be and on time too.

Most of the time, things will go like clockwork. When things don’t go smoothly however, having the right insurance in place can protect you against potentially significant costs. 

What liability insurance might you need?

As a courier business, you have could have a wide range of insurance needs. To some extent they’ll depend on the size and make up of your venture. If you’re employed by someone it’s worth reviewing the cover they have in place first to see if it’s adequate. If you own the courier / delivery services business, there are two types of liability insurance for you to think about.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability cover can help to protect you against the cost of claims should a member of the public suffer an accidental injury because of your negligence while you were carrying out work.

Imagine this: you have a busy day with lots of items to deliver. You rush to meet the deadlines. When you stop at one location and take parcels from your van, another one falls out onto the pavement. You already have your hands full and decide to pick up the parcel on your way back. Someone hasn’t seen the parcel that fell out, tripped over it and has broken their hip… Now you will not only need to wait for an ambulance to arrive, meaning you won’t be able to fulfil your delivery schedule for the day, but you’re also likely to be accused of negligence and asked to pay compensation. Having public liability insurance in place could help you defend yourself and could cover this unexpected and probably costly expense if you are found to be at fault.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

Another type of liability insurance for you to consider is employers’ liability. This cover is compulsory for anyone that employs staff and protects your legal responsibilities to your staff if they injure themthelves or become ill due to work.

Commercial vehicle insurance

A big part of any courier business is insuring your vehicle. As a courier you’re likely to have high annual mileage and also make multiple stops during your day. You need to ensure that you have appropriate commercial vehicle or fleet insurance in place to cover your vans and drivers in such a business.

Beware though that you will need to take out additional cover for goods in transitto cover the contents and value of packages you carry for your customers.

Compare Couriers & Delivery Service Insurance

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