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If you run a launderette or cleaning business, you know the importance of giving a first class service every time.

Most of the time, everything will go nicely - garments spotless, happy customers. When things don’t go smoothly however, having the right insurance in place can help protect you against unwanted compensation costs and legal fees.

What insurance might you need?

As a laundry or cleaning business, you might want to consider a number of different types of insurance depending on the size and complexity of your business.

To start with, there are two different types of liability insurance for you to think about.

Compare Launderette Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Owning a laundry business means you’ll have people coming and going, washing and drying their clothes. What if someone was to slip on a wet floor and hurt themselves or burn themselves on a hot machine you left unattended? Public Liability can help to protect you against the cost of claims resulting from these sort of events. This insurance can help cover you against compensation claims should a member of the public accidentally injure themselves due to your negligence at work.

As a laundry and cleaning businesses you may also need special extensions to your standard public liability cover, especially to protect yourself against damage caused to clothing and property in your care. If in doubt, speak with your insurance provider to ensure you have an adequate policy in place.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

The other type of liability cover is employers’ liability insurance. This is a compulsory form of insurance for anyone that employs staff. It can help protect you against the cost of claims should those employees hurt themselves or become ill due to work they carried out for you.

What other insurance you may need?

As a laundry or cleaning business you’re also likely to have a number of pieces of specialist equipment. Damage to these could seriously impede your business and given the expensive replacement cost, it’s worth making sure that your machinery and general contents are covered for loss or damage from a range of perils, including fire, flood and theft.

Finally, if you offer collection or home delivery as part of your service, you’ll need to consider goods in transit cover as well as commercial vehicle. Most standard vehicle policies wouldn’t cover items in transit should they become damaged in an accident, which could leave you footing a sizeable bill.

What should you do?

Your first step should always be to try and limit the chance of problems in the first place. We know this sounds obvious and we also know that accidents do happen.

Having good business and health and safety procedures, staff training, garment tracking systems and such like can all help you reduce the chance of an error.

The second important thing to do is to take out adequate insurance to make sure you and your business are protected.

Compare prices and get insurance

Finding competitive liability insurance isn’t complicated. In fact, you can do it right here, right now. Use our public liability or employers’ liability comparison services to find the right deal for you or fill out the professional indemnity enquiry form and someone will call you back to discuss your needs. Help protect your business with comprehensive liability insurance. Compare with us today.

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