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Audi Car Insurance

From the Audi A1 to the all-conquering R8, Audi has a car for every occasion and social group. It has taken over from Mercedes and BMW as the prestige German car brand of choice and now, the legendary four rings represent the car that almost every upwardly mobile executive aspires to own.

Finding the best Audi insurance deal

The brand’s popularity means it’s hot property for the insurance companies and that’s good news for you the customer, as there is a quote to suit every budget and all the mainstream suppliers will want your business. So find the best value deal now with our price comparison service.

If the level of Audi insurance cover is more important than the price, you might be surprised at some of the options from the insurers that you can access in just a few minutes on our site. We have more than 100 insurers ready to quote for your business and simply getting cheap Audi insurance isn’t always the priority.

compare audi car insurance

You might want European cover as standard, you might want to know that you’re fully covered for every legal eventuality and you might want your 17-year-old child to drive the car. You might even want track day insurance as part of your deal to cover an R8. There are all kinds of things that can affect the quote and make it cheaper to shop around.

If you’re in the market for one of Audi’s niche cars, like the RS4 or R8, then limited mileage, working with the insurer to fit an approved tracker or even taking an advanced driving course can help reduce these tailored quotes, so it might work out better for you in the long run.

How affordable is Audi insurance?

An Audi insurance quote depends entirely on the model. You can get everything from the ever-popular A3, through to the super-stylish TT and the rocket that is the R8 V10. Then there are the SUVs, the A4 that starts with a diesel and goes all the way up to the slightly unhinged RS4 and even the iconic world’s fastest estate – the RS6.

So Audis can be found in insurance group 9-50, so it’s up to you to do your homework and make sure you’re buying the right car before you take the plunge. If you’re young, then you might want to leave the R8 until you’ve built up some no-claims bonus and some experience behind the wheel.

audi insurance group

Audis have a reputation for safety, based largely on the legendary four-wheel-drive system signified by the Quattro badge. Not all Audis are four-wheel-drive, far from it, but the fast Audis are exclusively fitted with the system that made the brand into a rallying great in the 80s and helped define its road cars until this very day.

Despite its massive range, Audi is undoubtedly a mainstream car manufacturer, which helps when it comes to securing an affordable quote. Your age will come into the equation, as well as where the car will be kept at night and the area where you live. Audi’s have a reputation for exceptional security and anti-theft devices, which will help. You might even find that a new car attracts a lower insurance quote than the same model older car for that very reason.

So make sure you shop around and don’t just tick the box to take Audi’s built-in insurance deal. When you consult more than 100 insurance companies with the click of a mouse, you might just be surprised at what turns up on our site!

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