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BMWs are well recognised for their innovation, striking design and mechanically reliable cars. It’s those safety features and economy that have helped BMW car insurance become relatively affordable, you might be surprised at the deals on offer through our price comparison service.

How affordable is BMW car insurance?

The choice of BMW model you purchase will have the biggest impact on your insurance. The car manufacturer produces a vast range. from the BMW 1 Series 116d, a small-engine diesel focused on economy, right through to the larger 3 Series, BMW M5 with its 560bhp twin turbo V8 and the futuristic hybrid i8 sports car.

Then there are the likes of the X6M, or the luxurious 7 Series that cater to a totally different market. The BMW range used to consist of just three main models. Now it is an ecosystem of cars that takes in electric vehicles, barely concealed racing cars, to the traditional executive car that eats motorway miles and luxury SUVs.

These are totally different cars aimed at different people, so inevitably, insurance for a BMW is not a simple matter.

compare bmw car insurance

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How to get the cheapest deal?

Insurance groups are one way to judge the potential price. The lower the group, typically the lower the insurance premium. However this can be complicated. The new 3 Series Coupe alone spans insurance groups 21-42, so choose your model and engine size wisely if you are worried about the price of insurance. Your car’s age will also affect the cost, as older cars might be cheaper to buy, but they may actually cost more to insure as their safety features and economic performance might be worse than a more modern BMW.

Another way to help find the cheapest deal is to tweak your voluntary excess. If you increase your excess your insurance premium is likely to reduce. You already have a compulsory excess on your policy so just make sure you can afford the total policy excess should you need to make a claim for your BMW.

Will you be sharing your BMW with an experienced driver? This could also help reduce your premium. That’s because adding an experienced named driver to your policy tells insurers that the driving will be shared and that the additional driver’s risk profile could reduce the overall risk. Just make sure that the named driver actually is going to use the car, but isn’t the person who drives it most. It’s illegal to misrepresent who is the main driver of the car and is called ‘fronting’.

You can get a fair price on the right level of cover for you by comparing leading providers with our comparison service. In just a few minutes, we will be able to provide you with personalised quotes that will help you assess the right options for you. You may very well find that you could save a lot of money on your car insurance premium.

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