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Compare BMW 3 Series Car Insurance

The BMW 3 Series has been in production for over thirty years now, expanding into a range of varied models to appeal to various target markets. Boasting saloon, touring, convertible and coupe models, there are plenty of options to suit many different lifestyles and pockets.


On the downside, the extensive variety of the BMW 3 Series which has resulted in a range of different engine sizes and spec, making this popular BMW difficult to categorise into a single insurance group or approximate insurance cost. 

What insurance group is a BMW 3 Series?

This means that there is a substantial difference in insurance groups across the models, which you will need to consider when looking for car insurance for your BMW 3 Series. The saloon and touring models, for example, range from insurance group 20 up to 46, the coupe falls anywhere between 24 and 46, and the convertibles sit within groups 30 to 46.

With any of the models that the BMW 3 Series has introduced, you could be looking at up to insurance group 46 (but remember they also do start at a more moderate 20).

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How affordable is BMW 3 Series car insurance?

Based on our quote comparison history, we can advise that the average price of insuring your BMW 3 Series is £400.35*.  

An experienced driver with one of the more family orientated models may find that their quote is much less. This can however work the other way too, with inexperienced drivers fortunate to have one of the more powerful models expecting to pay above the average.

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.
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Which providers offer the best car insurance for BMW 3 Series?

The cheapest insurer for you will very much depend on how your circumstances match alongside the individual insurers risk assessments. You may find that your best quote comes from one provider, whilst for the very same model your family member may get a better priced quote elsewhere.

Each insurance provider has their own processes to assess your premium. To do this, they will evaluate a range of factors about yourself and your car to assess the likelihood that they might need to pay a claim. Some of these factors would include:

- Driving experience.

- Mileage per year.

- Modifications to your vehicle.

- Profession / occupation.

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Focus on legal methods

These are just a few examples of things insurance companies will take into consideration. An important thing to remember when being evaluated for a quote is to ensure all of the information you enter is accurate. False representation of information on your car insurance quote could mean that your cover is invalidated which could lead to legal prosecution.

Focus on legal methods in which you can help reduce your car insurance premium such as:

- Including an experienced named driver on your premium – as long as they’re actually going to be using your car (if they’re not, your policy could be invalidated).

- Improving the security system of your car – just bear in mind you may need to speak directly with your insurer to see this reduction reflected in your premium.

How can I get a good deal on my BMW 3 Series car insurance?

Whichever model you choose, whether it’s a BMW 3 or BMW 1 Series, you can find the right cover for your BMW 3 Series at a fair price by comparing insurance providers with us. It’s simple enough, all you need to do is take a few minutes to enter some information about yourself and your car and we will take care of the rest.

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