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Frequently asked questions

  • How much does it cost to insure a Renault Twingo?
  • Can I cut the cost of my Renault Twingo insurance?
  • Where can I find Renault Twingo insurance?

How much does it cost to insure a Renault Twingo?

Your premium will depend, in part, on the vehicle’s model and the insurance group it falls into.

The higher the group, the more expensive your car insurance premium is likely to be. According to our data, drivers of the Renault Twingo could expect to pay around £606.67*** on average.

***Average price amount based on the top five quotes from Compare the Market data from 1 January 2019 to 1 April 2019. The average is based on all variations of the vehicle model and uses risk data from people with different age ranges, addresses and driving histories. You may find a cheaper or more expensive quote based on your circumstances. 

While car insurance groups and the model of your car help to work out what you’ll pay for car insurance, there are many other factors. For example, where you live is a big consideration for most car insurance providers. Your age is also taken into account. The younger you are, the more you can expect to pay for cover.

Can I cut the cost of my Renault Twingo insurance?

It is possible to reduce the cost of your car insurance premium. One way could be to opt for a telematics device. This piece of technology is installed in your car to track how well you drive. Those who take care on the road could be eligible for a discount on their insurance premium.

Increasing security in your vehicle is another way to possibly lower the cost of car insurance for your Twingo. Having an alarm or an immobiliser installed may help as well. Reducing your annual mileage could also make a difference.

Where can I find Renault Twingo insurance?

If you’re after affordable car insurance for your Renault Twingo, we could help you out. Simply tell us a few details about yourself and your car, and we’ll source you relevant quotes from a wide range of insurance products in the UK. So, why not start a quote and see if you could save?

To see information on the possible insurance costs for another make or model of car, it’s worth paying a visit to our manufacturers hub.

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