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Frequently asked questions

  • How much does a Vauxhall Vectra cost to insure?
  • Can I cut the cost of my Vauxhall Vectra insurance?
  • Where can I find Vauxhall insurance?

How much does a Vauxhall Vectra cost to insure?

The quote you’ll receive to insure your Vauxhall Vectra will depend on many factors. Our data indicates that Vauxhall Vectra owners were quoted, on average, £638.06** a year to insure their vehicles.

**Average price amount based on the top five quotes from Compare the Market data from 1 January 2019 to 1 April 2019. The average is based on all variations of the vehicle model and uses risk data from people with different age ranges, addresses and driving histories. You may find a cheaper or more expensive quote based on your circumstances. 

Factors that can influence how much you’ll pay for your insurance might include where you live, how old you are, and even where you park overnight. Insurance providers will gather these details, and others, before issuing you with a quote.

Your car’s insurance group is another factor which affects the cost of cover. Groups are numbered 1–50 and, as a general rule, the lower the group number, the lower your premium will be.

Your Vauxhall Vectra insurance group number depends on the specific model, as well as its manufacturing year. Saloon models tend to be in groups 15–23, with hatchbacks ranging from groups 15–29.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most recent Vauxhall Vectra hatchback models (2005–2008) and their insurance groups:

Model   Insurance group
1.8i Exclusiv 5d          15
1.8i Design 5d            17
1.8i SRi 5d                 17
1.8i Club 5d               18
1.8i Life 5d                 18

Can I cut the cost of my Vauxhall Vectra insurance?

There are various ways you could save money on your car insurance, including:

Where can I find Vauxhall insurance?

One of the simplest ways to find a car insurance quote that works for you is through our comparison service. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your car, and we’ll compare quotes from a wide range of UK insurance products.

If you’d like to learn more about the possible insurance costs for another make or model of car, our manufacturers hub is also a useful next step.

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