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Am I protected if a family member has an accident on my policy?

If a family member has an accident on your policy, whether you’re both protected depends on whether they were insured to be driving the car in the first place.


Family car insurance

For them to be legally able to drive the car, one of the following has to be true:

  • You’ve named the family member as a ‘named driver’ on your annual car insurance policy. This would probably have been done when you took out your car insurance. It’s at this time that you’re given the specific opportunity to name other drivers that you wanted to add. The insurer will ask for the family member’s details, including whether they have any previous motoring offences, convictions or claims. You can of course add another driver at any time by contacting your insurer, but there may be an additional premium payable.


Family member car insurance

  • You’ve taken out an ‘any driver’ policy on your car. This type of policy allows anyone to drive the vehicle (with the exception that there are usually age limitations). It might be a good idea to take out an any driver policy if you have a number of family members wanting to drive the same vehicle. We don’t offer this type of policy and this type of cover, it is usually much more expensive too.
  • You’d taken out temporary insurance cover for your family member at the time of the accident. Temporary cover can be useful if you want to lend someone your car for a few days but they won’t be driving it in the long term. We don’t offer this type of cover but if you want to add someone on to your policy at a later date you could call your insurer and do it mid-term during your policy rather than buying separate cover altogether. In addition to the charge to add a temporary name driver there may also be an admin charge.
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Are other family members insured to drive my car

You might have been expecting there to be a fourth option as it used to be commonly the case that if you had comprehensive insurance, you’d be automatically covered to drive any vehicle on a third party basis. However, this is no longer the case, so be very careful if you have family members assuming they can borrow your car under their policy.

It’s always a really good idea to check the policy documentation at the time you’re taking out the insurance. Check that you have the cover that you need and also that you’re happy with the policy exclusions and excesses. 

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