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Are family members covered under my car insurance?

Whether a family member is covered depends whether they’re insured to drive the car. 

How can another driver be covered?

There are two ways that another driver can be covered:

1) The family member is a named driver on your annual car insurance policy. When you take out your car insurance there is an option to add other named drivers. You will need to have their personal details to add them, and you must also tell the insurer of any accidents or motoring convictions they have had.

2) Temporary insurance cover could be obtained to cover the family member. This adds an additional driver to your policy for just a short, agreed period of time, say for example if you’re lending your car to someone else.

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Check with your insurance provider

You may have heard that if you have fully comprehensive insurance, you’re automatically covered to drive any vehicle on a third party basis. This isn’t necessarily the case and you may find that they are not covered in the event of an accident

As with any insurance policy, it is important to clarify with your insurance provider when you are and aren’t covered. If in doubt, call your insurer and ask.

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