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Which Insurers Offer Black Box Policies

Black box policies (or telematics as they’re also called) are becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst young drivers. A growing number of searches conducted every day demonstrate that more UK drivers are enquiring about black box policies and sourcing providers from which they can acquire one.

Black Box Policies

If you’re an inexperienced driver, you can increase the amount of policies available to you by including telematics policies. Whilst that was once a time consuming task, you can now search many leading car insurance providers by simply entering your information on our car insurance comparison service and allowing us to gather the information for you and selecting to include telematics policies. This may even give you some cheaper premium choices.

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What is a black box policy?

A ‘black box’ or telematics policy is an alternative type of car insurance policy from traditional car insurance. It is designed to assess your premium based on your driving behaviour. Insurers will base your premium on a number of things such as your driving history, so if you’re a new driver, without any history driving yet, this is a way of proving your driving ability.

Whilst insurers can’t necessarily follow you on your travels, they can in fact assess your driving ability based on recorded data taken from your vehicle. This is all gathered by a black box device, hence the name. It can also be recorded via an app on your phone.

The black box or app records data to assess both the risk of a potential accident and the usage of your vehicle, including data such as:

  • The time at which you drive.
  • The amount of mileage you drive.
  • The number of times you drive.
  • If you take breaks on long drives.
  • Your speed on different types of road.
  • If you brake or accelerate sharply.

Is a black box policy the best option for me?

A black box policy is tailored more towards younger drivers. More experienced drivers will be able to acquire affordable quotes based on their experience and no claims bonuses, whereas younger drivers are often left with substantial premiums.

This type of policy could help make car insurance more affordable for younger drivers with a good attitude to driving. Statistics from our website in January 2016 show that of the 62.3% of comparisons conducted by drivers under the age of 21, a black box insurance policy was the most affordable solution.

This figure substantially drops as the age ranges increase; however drivers between the age of 21 and 24 still found that black box policies were the cheapest in 36.5% of comparisons conducted within this period.

The same recorded data in relation to drivers in their thirties showed that only 9.6% of the cheapest quotes came from black box policies, a figure that continues to reduce to less than 5% in drivers over the age of 65 years.

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Which insurers offer black box policies?

Many insurers are now offering black box policies due to an increased demand, especially from younger drivers who could get cheaper premiums on such a policy. This is great news for individuals looking to perhaps enquire about this type of policy, as more businesses are competing for your business, providing you with the opportunity to get the best deal.

Each insurance provider has their own algorithms to produce quotes, meaning that no single insurer is necessarily the best priced. Whilst you may find your policy is more affordable with one insurer, your neighbour with the same car may find his best policy elsewhere.

Where can I get the best deal on a black box insurance policy?

You can compare deals from a range of insurance providers to compare both the features and prices, helping you to get the right deal on your black box policy. We can return quotes to you in just a matter of minutes, so start comparing black box car insurance today.

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