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Are students locked in to long contracts for broadband and TV deals?

Typically, when you sign up for a broadband or pay TV deal, you’ll be asked to sign up for a lengthy period of time.


Student broadband contracts

Providers will usually offer an incentive to you to enter into a longer term deal. The downside can be hefty penalties if you want, or need to break the contract early.

While a long term deal might suit some people, if you’re a student, the last thing you probably want is to be locked into a deal that lasts longer than 12 months. 

For a start, you might have already graduated by the time the deal ends! Leaving aside that, there are holiday periods when you may not be at your university address, and many students move addresses during their study years.

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Do you have any short term options?

Well, fortunately, there are a few providers who offer short term broadband deals. These come in much the same form as other standard deals but instead of a 12 or 18 month contract, you can give as little as one months’ notice.

You can expect to pay more per month for this flexibility. It might be worth looking at the total outlay that you’d expect to pay, just to ensure it is worth the extra.  Also bear in mind that there may be upfront connection or installation fees when you install your equipment.

At this time, the big pay TV providers do not offer very short term TV deals. However, recognising the importance of the student market they have begun to introduce 9 month contracts for phone, broadband and TV. This is intended to cover the student calendar and may be worth some consideration.

To get the right broadband service to suit you and your housemates make sure you compare the market to get the best deal for your circumstance. So what are you waiting for? Start a quote with us and see how much you could save.

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